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Marina 1st come 1st serve policy???

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I would say that if he just wanted more power and there was nothing wrong with the boat then he should of dropped off at the end of the season if he lived in the north and not worried about it tip spring. If he lived in the south then I guess you really can't get 2 upset with them not hurrying because you know it's going to take sometime. But all and all if a shop isn't busy I wouldn't see why it would take more then 2 months. Was everything done in house?
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Why is a marina different then any other bussiness. I manage a mfg bussiness, if I say I am going to deliver something on a certain date and time, I dam well better do it. If it takes over time that is too bad but my problem not the customers.
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Originally Posted by TEXASRPM View Post
I had a friend who has a bow rider that had his 5.7 motor pulled and rebuilt to a 355 350hp motor and reinstalled in the boat. This included a complete buildup including machine shop work. Nothing was wrong with the boat just wanted more power.

Here is the question. What do you all think should be the maximum amount of time such a job would take??

Factor in other projects that may be ahead of yours.

Two to Three Weeks
One month
Two Months
Three Months
Four Months
Five Months
Six Months
#? Months

My friends was not delivered for 4.5 months. Do you think this is an excessive time frame?

Just wondering what your experience was with such a repair.
4 1/2 months and they did it all? thats good I have had 4 motor builds done, 1st took 6 months and I took the motor out. 2nd took 4 months and I took it out both of these were upper rebuilds. 3rd build was 6 months this time total rebuild I stripped the motor to save time but it still took 6months.4th motor was apart dropped off. all new parts 1 year and 10 months. I made the mistake of saying I'm not in a rush. it was dropped of in 9/08 thats when I had my knee replaced and that went bad so I told them they could finish it after the spring rush of 09 ,not 10. so 6/10 I picked it up. then the new boat it was built for had gas tank issues so we derigged the motor last 08/10 and are now 1 week away from running it.I am friends with both builders but they were both over booked at those years. one just did a 540 rebuild with dyno in 3 weeks this spring.I understand know one wants to turn away work even when they are working 6 days a week 12 to 16 hours a day.. there both great shops.
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