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Miami Vice Boat Going On The Block !

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Originally Posted by texaschopper View Post
I read where it was in Maryland for a bit. Would this have been the one that was on a lift on the Rhodes River back in the late 80's? Maybe belonged to the people who owned Curtis Propeller?

...old school? spicy?
Jetjock on this board bought that boat. It is in Texas now and he was toying with the idea of selling.
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Originally Posted by cigboat1 View Post
It really pains me to see all the crap about the boat not being worth what he is asking for it ............ There is probably $70,000 in new motors alone ,not counting new transmissions,new headers ,and complete rebuilds on the drives.
That boat was taken down to its stringers and almost everything that was put back in to the boat was was brand new or new and better than original,including the wiring and gauges !!!
Too bad most people don't have a clue about what it costs to complete a rebuild of a boat from the ground up or the money to do it in the first place....


I forgot there was a collectors market for old boats like there are for cars. This thing is an 80's which doesnt qualify it for the old old school factor yet, and on top of that everybody knows stuff in the 80's is either gawdy or junk or the combination of both.
It pains me that people think they throw a bunch of money into something like a boat and make like new condition they think its worth like new, and its not.

It's cool but for a 125k I can have me a nice 42 or 47 fountain that is 20 years newer and goes faster.
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Does it even say what it was re-powered with ??? I can't find anything about the powertrain. Maybe if it was repowered with the 1075 #6 package, it might bring that kind of coin. Just my $.02
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