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290enticer 09-20-2011 08:28 PM

The sad time of year is fast approaching!
For those of you that live down south, you don't have to worry about winterization but for the rest of us, we have to get ready for it. I'll probably take mine out at least once more to run stabilizer and put it away. I have been checking for the best deals on antifreeze and so far, walmart in the best price at $3.97 gal. (louisville, ky) Does anyone know of any other places to get it? Maybe on-line in bulk?? I usually use 10gals....5 gal in each engine. Not looking forward to putting it away but will be nice to get one whole side of my driveway back! Ps. Im only saying this cause its been really cold and ****ty here, like highs of 60's and 50's at night. I don't think the sun will come back strong. This cold weather makes me want to put the boat up and get the guns out. I am a hunter and plan on taking the little man out for the first time this year, he just turned 4

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