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dyno 06-11-2002 12:30 PM

West Michigan whats Next???
WoW! after last weekend and the show of great boats what are we going to do next????Waterfoul whens the fun run? or what about a turkey fry at GreatLakes (Dave) what about one of the weekends that your on vacation?Man I'm suffering from withdrawl.......think I'm getting the DT's

Rambunctious 06-11-2002 01:02 PM

I sent a post out last week about our fun run schedules from Holland. the bigger one is in August. our own version of smoke on the water. an actual poker run. first year last year, we had 26 local boats, 102 people and we raised $1500 after expenses for a local person in need. in 5 hrs!! $30 per person included your ride and dinner at Coral Gables in Saugatuck!!!

i'm a little nervouse opening this up to anyone. we had no insurance or anything, just local boat club from work, but we want it to grow at a manageable pace. I';ll post more later in the summer.

Also, don't forget about the APBA Great Lakes Silver Cup Series race coming back to Grand Haven!!! I have the contact for volunteering to be Race Patrol.

dyno 06-11-2002 01:44 PM

is your poker run during the week like your other runs?when is the GLSCS coming???

Rambunctious 06-11-2002 01:48 PM

all runs on Wednesday night. 6:15 pm start. Thurs rain day. Tomorrow is the next fun run, but I don't know if I can make this one. going to the Winston cup race this weekend and have to get the deck finished.

The GLSCS is Labor day weekend. Sat race. with Sunday saved in case of weather . good idea!! Race patrol boats will have to be available Sat and Sun in case it moves to Sunday.

dyno 06-11-2002 01:52 PM

Way Cool!!!!!!cant wait to see them again....

DanB 06-11-2002 06:30 PM

Hey Don
I just saw your other post about Bob Siebert
Try 616 696 2186 or 481 8720
If ya get ahold of him or Carol tell em I said hi


CONVINCOR 251 06-11-2002 09:30 PM

fun run
Do u do the fun run every wed and if so where do u meet at ?

Rambunctious 06-12-2002 08:13 AM

do a search under the key word sea100, that is our boat club.
you will see two threads titled "Holland fun run pics". the second has the dates of our fun runs at the end of the string. In general, guys nights are once a month on Wed. TONIGHT is the June one. but I cannot make it.

we meet at the old point west, by Van Andel's docks, and leave from there at 6:15 to Coral Gables for Burgers. back by 9:30 or so.

let us know when anyone plans to participate. we like to wait for you, and also give a count to the restaurant.

Red Stripe 06-12-2002 08:27 AM

I made it to the SEA 100 poker run last year and it was a blast!! I'm sure the fun runs are a good time as well. If you are in the area and like running with a great group of people, be sure to attend!!

So what else is going on in West Michigan??
I think we should have a raft off outside of Heritage Landing some night of the Muskegon Summer Celebration. Anyone game for that? Heck, I'm not even sure who is playing what night there but that information isn't that hard to come by :D

Any other ideas??:D

dyno 06-12-2002 10:01 AM

Todd I'm up for that!!!when is Heart coming I'd like to see them....

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