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It's been a while but here is my latest adventure!

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I have to let my wife read this. She'll never get onto me again for one of my "projects" that take 3x as long to finish as I expect.
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Very Funny Gino!!! Good read and I'm sorry I'm laughing but only you...

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Gino my friend, if it was'nt for bad luck, we would'nt have any at all. But look at the bright side of it, you still have your health and you still have a wonderful wife that has'nt shot you. At least she still loves you for who you are.
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Welcome back Gino!!!!
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Thanks for al the comments. These episodes are frustrating as crap when they happen but are fun to look back on!
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Gino, Gino, Gino. Welcome to Lighthouse Point my friend. Remember, when you want somewone to laugh with you I'm only 4 blocks away.

Welcome back my friend.
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I'm going to print multiple copies of this story and hand to my customers who complain about dirt on their driveway, etc...too funny!
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Originally Posted by LubeJobs42 View Post
I haven't been logged on very much at all. We moved into our new house a few months ago and it has taken a lot of time.
Now that i am caught up with the house stuff I'll start posting more regarding my boating plans!

This story is very very long but it's pretty amusing! A typical story that could only happen to me! Please excuse the grammar. This took a while to write and it's 2 AM

One night I canít sleep and Iím on the computer at 2 am. I find a brand new generator on Craigís list that the contractor paid $24k and was asking $11 obo. My wife really didnít want me to buy it as we have been doing renovations on our new house for 3 months and finally got rid of workers.
Of course I bought it anyway. It was such a good deal I couldnít pass it up. The guy agrees to $9k. I commit to it over the phone. The guy was going out of town but I gave him my word I was taking it as long as it was new as he said. When I finally got to see it the thing was huge. 9 feet long, 5 feet wide and 4 feet high. What the hell did I commit too? Bigger is always better, so I bought it!! LOL
I donít even check, I assume the area I just moved to has gas service. Of course not. I guess the 120 gallon propane tank on my front lawn should have been a clue. I did some checking and it turns out the 120 would not be sufficient for this size generator. It would only run the house for a few days.
I call around to propane companies. I find out I need a 500 gallon tank which would need to be buried. I get a quote of $10k to install a new 500 tank, run new gas lines and install the generator to the house. I never expected $10k but I already bought the generator! I hire the company and they apply for the permit.

While waiting 4 weeks for the plans and permits I having all the landscaping done outside the house. My wife wanted to go simple and put some sod and small landscaping. Of course I canít do that. I bought 8 big canary palm trees, 6 for the back yard and 2 for the front. We needed to get a crane to lift the trees over the house. We hired an 80 ton crane at $300 per hour for a 6 hour min to lift the trees over. When the crane came out they realized the power line running across the street was in the way. We needed a 100 ton crane that has a longer reach to clear the powerlines. 100 ton crane is $600 per hour.
The morning of the tree install the crane shows up on time. I tell the landscape company owner to install 7 trees. Leave the 8th one out for now so itís not in the way of the propane tank going in. While discussing this the landscaper gets a call and has to run as his truck with the trees had a blow out and was stuck on the highway. I have a $600 per hour crane and crew sitting and waiting for 3 hours for the trees to arrive. Disgusted I go to work.

I get home that evening and the trees are beautiful. Only problem tree 8 is installed. I call my landscaper and ask why. He says ďItís no problem, I spoke to propane guy and he told me where the tank is going we are okĒ.
No problem. Trees look great. They have to sit for a few days with the tops of the trees tied up like a pony tails. Saturday morning the landscaper comes and cuts the cords holding the tops closed and opens them up. They are gorgeous. I yell upstairs to my wife to come down and look at the trees. She walks down with a look of disappointment. I ask her whatís wrong and she is hesitant to tell me. Finally she says, the trees on the east side of the hose completely block the view of the water. All you see is tree tops. I think she is overreacting (which she doesnít do). I go up and look out of the windows in her bathroom and sitting room and you canít see a thing but tree tops.
I was so mad because the landscaper talked me into 3 trees on each side of the yard instead of 2 because he said trees should be in odd numbers for a better look.
I told the landscaper we need to remove 1 tree from each side of the house. After looking at them again, we realized we would need to remove one tree from each side but also reposition the other 2 to get them away from the window.
After thinking about the crane price and the amount of work to install them we decided to keep the trees as they are. From downstairs they look beautiful and in a few years they will be taller and not block the view.
Monday morning they come to install the propane take. They have 3 big trucks, 12 guys, a backhoe, the tank. It looked like a circus. I got in my car and left for work. 15 minutes later I get a call. I answer the phone and get ďGino? WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THNKINGĒ!!??
I said who is this? ďItís Jeanne from Propane USA, you put a tree right where I have to digĒ what were you thinking? I try to calm her down but meanwhile my stomach is turning. I tell her, my landscaper spoke to Steve (Propane USA owner) and he confirmed the tree was not in the way of the tank. Steve gets n the phone and says they talked about where the tank is going but the tank is very long and needs a larger hole. I call the landscaper and they discuss it.
The main problem the propane people had was they were afraid the steel track backhoe will tear up my marble driveway so they can only use run the backhoe in the dirt, The tree blocks the path. They decided to take away the backhoe and go get a tiny little back hoe. Meanwhile the entire crew is waiting for the new backhoe.
After an hour the little backhoe arrives and they start digging. After about 10 minutes they hit something. They think itís a large coral rock but they canít get around it. Turns out it is a 14 foot long concrete septic tank with 9Ē thick walls. Itís over 25 years old and not on any surveys or previous plans. They spend the day trying to break up the Septic tank with the little back hoe. NO WAY. They tell me the tree has to be moved as they canít maneuver the machine the way they need to.
Landscaper shows up and is waiting for his crew to arrive up to move the tree. I leave to work. I come home that night and the tree is in the ground. I canít believe it. He moved the tree 2 feet to accommodate for the tank but rather then leaving the tree out until the project was done, he replanted it. I called him but luckily for him he didnít answer.
The next morning the propane crew shows up. The foreman knocks on my door and I can see by the look on his face itís not good. The tree is far enough from where the tank is going to go but now the backhoe canít fit in between the tree and the bushes to get by to continue breaking this concrete coffin.
They decide to go at it with jack hammers. They work on the septic tank for 4 days. We end up having a big storm one night and the septic tank and hole filled up with water. They tried to pump it out but the pump kept getting clogged. I friggen mess. They had to bring in a big diesel pump to pump it out and once they did they finished digging up all of the concrete. They got the tank in the ground. Finally!
I get home from work and see the hole from hell filled. I am thrilled. I go to look on the side of the house and the generator is there on a concrete slab they brought. Only problem the generator is right in the middle of the path. You only have about 2 feet to walk around this monster. I call the electrician (Sid) and ask him if they plan on moving the generator closer to the house. He tells me, no, it has to stay there.
Because the 24Ē access door is on the side closest to the house. Any closer and you canít open the door to service it.
I tell him to turn the generator around so the door is on the opposite side facing out. He tells me that then the muffler will be on the opposite side of the unit and it will be less than 10 feet from the window on the garage and wonít pass code inspection.
I ask our options. He says ďbuy a smaller generatorĒ. Of course thatís not an option. I ask him ďif I remove the water softener system and relocate the entire pool pump system and heater 2 feet down, can we then flip the generator since we can move it 3 more feetĒ. He says yes.
I have my handy man rip out the water softener system, the pool heater and pool filtration system. The pump that runs the waterfall on the pool is burnt out so I figure now it the time to replace it. I call my buddy that is a pool builder for advice on the pump. He was out of town but told me to have my handyman go to the pool Supply Company he uses and get the pump and other materials and put them on his account to save money. He tells me to buy 2 pumps because if the one is bad the other isnít far behind and they are only about $280 each.
My handyman makes a list and goes to get the stuff. I go to work. I get home after work and expect to see the pool system in. Wrong! He has only 2 of the many many pipes installed. I look on the floor behind him and I see a strange looking pool pump. Itís nothing like my old pump. Itísí twice the size and has a computer box on the side.
I say to him, ďwhatís that?Ē He says itís one of the new pumps. I start thinking that is not a $280 pump. I get the turning in my stomach feeling again. I look further behind him and I see this tall thing with an lcd read out. I ask, ďWhatís thatĒ? Itís the new computerized filter system. I said ďthere was nothing worn with the old filter, why did you get a new one?Ē He says, ďyes, but you need this filter to go with the new pumps so they can talk to each otherĒ. I wanted to puke. I asked him how much all of this new stuff came out to (and charged on my buddies account).
I lost it! WTF gave you the idea to spend $5800???!
He said ďIm sorry, I know you like the best and the guy said this is the best!Ē I was so mad I couldnít see straight. I told him to pack it all up and return everything. He left with the equipment. I wasnít even sure he would be back I yelled so loud. I felt bad but that was really stupid.
The next morning he calls from the supplier and they will only take the filter back. The pumps already have PVC pipes glued into them so they canít take them back. I told him to bring them to the house. I would sell them on ebay. I told him to Just get the regular $280 pumps.
He gets everything and installs it all. It took him 4 days to do a 1 day job. He leaves for the weekend. I notice the waterfall doesnít have much flow and I think few things arenít right. 2 of the valves are backwards. One pipe is routed wrong. Normal crap. I figure I will have him make it right when he gets back on Monday.
During the weekend he has a fight with his ex-wife. She claims he assaulted her. He gets arrested. He is here on a work visa. They end up sending him to Krome detention center (immigration jail.) Itís been 4 weeks and he is still locked up.

OK, I thought I was the "only me guy" but you win. Great read!
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Seriously, all kidding aside, Gino where is the transfer switch for that thing?
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Scott how much you want for the transfer switch? I was thinking about changing out the 100 amp one for a 200 amp one on my vacation place.

Put your best foot forward!
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