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If you could design the perfect interior!!

Old 11-08-2011, 10:29 PM
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Default If you could design the perfect interior!!

We are looking for some feed back on what performance boaters think on what makes the perfect interior for a boat. We have talked to alot of you and we have heard things like - the cuddy is only for storage or we use it only as a changing room, and then we here that some use it to spend the weekend on.

So please let me know what your thoughts are. Mike Mcleod, from Mcleod design is coming here this week to help with the design of our new interiors and I would love to have your ideas in hand.

If you want you can respond here on OSO, call me (573-552-1105) message us from our web site, or e-mail - [email protected]

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Old 11-08-2011, 11:14 PM
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need more room between front and rear seats. face facts, not many of us is getting any smaller.
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Provide storage under the cabin "couches". Nothing frustrates me more than the fact that I have to use my head as a closet in both my Scarab and Fountain for storage of lifejackets, etc. I know promoting storage this far forward in the boat may upset CG, but one way or another people are going to find a place to throw the things they need, and there is so much wasted space under these seats. Maybe label it as "light" storage, under 30lbs per side as a suggestion. Make the cushions lift off, great place for lifejackets, towels, womans purses, etc. Just a "real world" aggravation that I think a lot of people would appreciate.
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Originally Posted by chaser1100 View Post
need more room between front and rear seats. face facts, not many of us is getting any smaller.
Yes. Larger cockpit since All boaters spend more time in the cockpit then anywhere else. Hence the lame center console craze!

Love the room in the 33 outlaw and 46 black thunder.
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Couches, great, v-birth great...

I don't need a sink, a cooler works just fine, something that drains, anything that opens and closes via doors, not needed.

Bathrooms are great, but to be honest, never used. Cargo nets, storage, things to keep everything from moving around....

More room, is better...easy access to under dash and anything else that can come apart.

When you run these things and put hours on them, run in rough water, there's nothing worse than having things come apart, and all boats do it. Zippered compartments, larger cockpit is great, but that also requires shifting the center of gravity forward for passengers so not sure how well this will work. I just hate all the TVs, basically all that stuff looks great for a boat s how, but in reality, it's never used.

I stay on my boat on occasion, and it's great, having AC IS NICE, but larger hatches, with serious metal hardware, none of this plastic stuff. If you're running in rough water it will come apart. That would be my personal opinion to all manufactures.

Don't use bulbs, use LEDs, keep it simple...

This is just for my style of boating, personally I'll be in a hotel on any long overnights, but there are times where i'd like like the option, but to be honest...I'd rather not have everything flying all over my cabin after a hard run...

A dedicated "SAFETY"/"LINE CLOSET" for everything I need....I agree with using the bathroom as's not ideal..
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This one from PPI Interiors in Florida;
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larger cockpit, windscreen, 2nd row of bolster on one side
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No Sink and bigger built in cooler. As for the bed make it something like you see in trailer where the whole bed lifts up in one piece and there is a huge storage area. More room between back seats and bolsters. I would give up one foot of cabin for one foot of cock pit. Take passenger bolster out and but a bench seat on port side going length wise of the boat.
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Larger cockpit with more room between the front seats and the rear bench seat. An enclosed washroom (head) with plenty of space to move in. Most performance boats lack this feature and it is what hurts families from buying or keeping performances boats.
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I love overnighting on my boat and as long as there are showers and a marina store I'd rather sleep on the boat than in a motel. The rocking motion, the sounds, just being on the water. So IMO not all cabins are used for storage. On a speed boat keep it simple and light.
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