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Can a cat boat be built with a blow out hinge flap to prevent a blow over?

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I'm glad I'm not the only one thinking about capsules here. The canopies seem to offer little more than a false sense of security. Drag boats and unlimited hydroplanes have endured faster crashes with the capsule staying intact. Even if a full capsule is not workable maybe something could be done to engineer a steel framework for the canopy. Perhaps something positive can come of this tragedy and it doesn't just become another fatal boating accident that most of us quickly forget.
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Are canopies truly designed with the possibility of inverted and backwards impact? How about canopy area (2-man, 4-man, etc.); larger canopy needs more reinforcement? Water intrusion seems to contribute to canopy failure. Wasn't there another instance like this one in that last few years?
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Scroll down and check this picture out. The rear of the boat is not damaged. The cockpit is destroyed due to the water intrusion. In my opinion a capsule might have saved them.
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O got to say canopies are lot better on cats but still nothings safe just look athe crash in key west
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Originally Posted by handfulz28 View Post
Are canopies truly designed with the possibility of inverted and backwards impact? How about canopy area (2-man, 4-man, etc.); larger canopy needs more reinforcement? Water intrusion seems to contribute to canopy failure. Wasn't there another instance like this one in that last few years?
Coming down upside down and backward is the worst possible scenario also the most vulnerable. I believe large four man layout with the lack of full bulkheads in this style canopy can be a large contributing factor as well. I think in recent years the rear of the canopy has been given more consideration though.
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Originally Posted by Philm View Post
Did you not read the beginning of the thread? Everyone who knows the sport agrees that by adding ridiculous amounts of expense to it will only serve to push it further underwater (no pun intended). Especially if said super expensive retrofit only serves to prevent ONE kind of accident, one extremely rare kind of accident that only happens in fast cats. What about canopy vee hulls?

So yes, a capsule could be considered a save all. It could protect in canopy vessels of every speed and in every kind of accident, be it blow over, collision, roll over, stuff, ect. Pretty much the only time they are a danger is in case of fire, and even then they are designed to resist fires for a certain amount of time and have on board oxygen for time spent underwater.

We are talking about saving lives here, not saving a boat. I bet both Bob and Jeff would care less about their boat if they had walked away from that one. I know I have walked away from banged up cars and motorcycles with little thought as to how bad the damage was to them because I was not hurt or dead.

Just a thought.

P.S. I think that some sort of gyro controlled air foil would be bad ass, but I dont ever see it becoming anything more than a very limited novelty.
I have read the thread from the beginning, several times. In terms of the dynamics of a boat being different from a car, I absolutely agree. However, the idea is to find the angle that dictates point of no return and stop it (or at least modify it). While the conditions are uncontrolable, they certainly can be monitored and adjusted for. I can't see a major difference in the makeup of asphalt to water, nor do I see the relavence of where the lift comes from (sponsons, tunnel or surface) as the job of this device would be to change the angle and vertical direction of the boat. Even though water is rarely as flat as a road, the task associated with a device like this is not to slam the boat back to earth but to change the angle of flight.

With regards to the capsule, I guess I'm looking at the bigger picture. While a capsule would work well in the racing environment, I'm thinking about both racing and recreational usage. A capsule would not be practical in the recreational world as it would be impractical and unsellable. I don't know for sure but I'd think that most blowovers happen in the recreational world more than in racing.

I agree that the point is to save lives and I'm sure your right about JT and Bob being glad to sink the boat to the bottom of the deep blue sea in exchange for their lives. I think that goes without saying. However, why not save the hardware if it comes with the deal?

I would guess that there are a lot more recreational Cats and Tunnel Hulls than there are pure race-boats, so the device would be usful for more than just racing as compared to the capsule. This thing would evolve similar to seat belts and the crumple zones in cars- perfect it in racing and then offer it to the masses.

In terms of cost, the first prototypes would be expensive, but as things usually evolve, the more you play with it, the more efficient it becomes. I would be willing to bet that the guys who are spending the money they spend to race these boats would gladly invest the money it would take have a device like this. I would also being willing to bet that a guy who can go out and blow $500K to $1.5M for a playtoy would also be glad to invest in something like this.

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I agree that the capsules would be a great step in saving lives and a computer controled stabilization wing would be good as well.....but.....Is there something that could be mounted on the transom or are we just inviting a stuff? For instance, a rapidlly deployable trim tab of some sorts that would react if the angle of attack went beyond a "safe" zone and then retract immediately. Kind of like a very quick brake of sorts. I realize if the transom has already lifted this device would be rendered useless but if it could react quick enough may prevent the excessive lift. I really don't know what I'm talking about and have very limited cat experience but, I've read the whole thread and am just trying to throw out another idea that may be cheaper and require less alteration to existing hardware.
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Maybe, just maybe there is no fix.
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Originally Posted by Interceptor View Post
Maybe, just maybe there is no fix.
BS.....a capsule would do an amazing amount to help safety in this sport. Why not? What is a valid argument against it?
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Originally Posted by DiamondPerformance View Post
The only other big cat i can remember blowing over like Big Thunder is Cat Can Do in a Kilo Run back in the late 90"s.
I have posted that video of Cat Can Do going over on You tube a few years ago do a search it is out there
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