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Can a cat boat be built with a blow out hinge flap to prevent a blow over? >

Can a cat boat be built with a blow out hinge flap to prevent a blow over?

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Can a cat boat be built with a blow out hinge flap to prevent a blow over?


Old 11-09-2011, 09:58 PM
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Default Can a cat boat be built with a blow out hinge flap to prevent a blow over?

After reading about the tragedy today just got me re thinking to ask. Sorry might be bad timing to ask.
Can a cat boat be built with a big flap in between the sponsons that releases at a certain angle to let the air blow thru to prevent a blow over? Would it work? Would all the structual support be lost?
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Wish it could.......... Dynamics are hard things to manage.......
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Plus the angle would never be right, boat will hardly ever fly the same way,
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I'm not going to touch or comment on today's tragedy, but I will say that the instant too much air gets under that hull no amount of pulling the sticks back was stopping that flip. Having four heavy BB's in the back of it probably didnt help matters. Anyway...

To the OP's point what could be done is install a computer controlled wing or foil in the front of the cat that has the ability to monitor and alter the hull stability and pitch. Ideally you want to be running at that point where it almost ready to flip (for max speed), but that's obviously not safe or practical to think it could be safely done. With a computer controlled foil theoretically it could let the cat run closer to the edge and react with more precision and speed than a human could.

I think Copeland's Phenomenon used a similar engineering exercise, but I dont think it's ever been proven to work. With enough time, money, and engineering I'm certain it could work... But then again we're taking about an industry that is still working on converting from carbs to FI and just now learning of this novel contraption called a turbo, so dont expect to see computer controlled wings anytime soon from Skater or anyone else.
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I've seen a video of some sort of parachute that deployes when it tilts.
I personaly dont think it would work.

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Mounting such a big wing in the tunnel (should be pretty thick to notice its downforce) could be ripped out in the rough ,I, don,t say its impossible ,but its going to need one heck of a construction to keep it there.
I do think its still a good idea for safety if it can be worked out
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I think most of the big Buzzi Cats had one.
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Thats great until it trips and stuffs the boat.
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These cats at the speeds they're running are practically aircraft. I think the idea could easily be done. The weight and momentum is going forward. To change the pitch does not take much force. Look at airplane controll surfaces. Pretty small in comparison to the plane and can change all directions accept reverse in a split second. Computer controlled could work. The idea of a cat is to run level almost all the time. The wing could be constantly correcting for pictch. Just like an airplane does on auto pilot.

For instance... A wave smashes the bow up. Instantly the wing pushes it down but then can counter act if it senses it to be pushing the nose down to hard or "fast". Planes can change there pitch to go from a 1000fpm to 0fpm to capture an assigned altitude.
With todays WASS GPS and its (continuing to get better) the precision from the water could be there. Along with sensors to account for waves.

But like whats been said before... It takes money and this sport is to small to see the development come to life.

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You'll never perfect any vehicle (car, boat & plane) for all eventualities.

Go for a ride in a 1962 car with no headrest, no seatbelts, no airbags, no crumple zones and see how safe you feel. People still get wiped out in cars... Actually just ride a motorcycle...

Things evolve relating to protection with experience and technologies, sometimes expensive "feel good" legislation but I doubt we will cover all scenarios.
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