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Miami sportswriter thinks powerboat racing should be banned

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go back to your couch and watch golf!!! This is our sport it is what we love and do

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Great find GLH!
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Email sent.
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Met with MIAMI HERALD down here....did interview and never would of thought they would take that direction...
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I'm amazed there's only one article floating around like this.

Lets face it, racing is not going away, but in light of last weeks events, there's obviously plenty of room for safety improvements. No reason the fun and entertainment should stop, but that doesn't mean the organizes and officials should not look at doing things to promote a safer atmosphere for the guys that are hanging their azzes out on the line, as well as the fans. Personally I think they need to look at vastly improving canopy design and requirements as well as opening up the courses so these guys aren't running around in tight little circle jerks... These boats are designed for offshore open water racing, not for running unlimited hydroplane courses. Honestly, it's amazing we don't see more injuries than we do.

We all hate to see people get killed, but if nothing else maybe we can take these tragic events to implement improvements and possibly limit future deaths.
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Email sent

Heres a crazy thought, report news not your opinion.

Ps the dolphins suck so have fun with that
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Originally Posted by omerta one View Post
Miami Herald sportswriter Greg Cote wrote in Sundays paper:

"Three drivers were killed and one injured during the weekend's Key West Super Boat World Championships. Crazy thought: Powerboat racing is absurdly dangerous and it should be banned."

You can e-mail Greg directly at [email protected] and share your thoughts on this with him...
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Originally Posted by 4FX View Post
go back to your couch and watch golf!!! This is our sport it is what we love and do
Golf seems to be more dangerous
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[QUOTE=SS930;3549174]I'm amazed there's only one article floating around like this. QUOTE]

I agree with this, when you look at the number of "offshore" races per year X the number of boats entered and compare that to NHRA, any type of dirt track, motorcross where there are hundreds of tracks racing multi-times per week and the sheer number of cars/bikes at each VS. the number of people killed - offshore racing has to rank way up there as close to most dangerous.

Yes, when a person like this reporter just writes his feelings it is dangerous but if you do the math you'll see there is a very high percentage of fatalites compared to other motorsports.

I'm just saying that because instead of all the bitterness and hate mail because someone wrote something you/we don't like about "offshore" racing maybe all energy should be used to get your sport back on track if anyone that races really wants it back together?

Maybe people like being a 1, 2 or 3 boat class, at least you always have a trophy to bring home and tell yourself you're a winner?

ps that was not intended for/at anyone - I raced in classes with 3 boats, got a second place trophy because I broke down second and never finished the race but still got that trophy - it kind of felt wrong and still does to me not to finsih and get an award?
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So how about the sanction bodies/organizers, race boat builders, owners/drivers/throttlemen and sponsors agreeing to not compete until a solution towards safer racing ( and poker running ) is found ?
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