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Donzi 35 ZR or Fountain 35 Lightning

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Default Donzi 35 ZR or Fountain 35 Lightning

Hi guys

I need some advice. I'm looking into buying either a 35 fountain lightning with twin 525s or a 35 donzi ZR with twin 525s. I'm looking for a fast boat that provides a SMOOTH and DRY ride in rough seas. I think both look amazing so it's gonna come down to better ride quality basically. I'm sure both are fast boats but handling of rough seas is my number one priority. Cabin space is not important to me at all.

I've never been in a fountain or donzi and unfortunately test driving one where I live (outside the US) is not an option. Very few people have them here and the dealer doesn't keep any in stock. Therefore I am going on research alone.

I would also appreciate any feedback on the newer fountain 33 lightnings with twin 496 425 hp. This boat is also in consideration.

Thanks in advance
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Welcome to OSO

First of all, where in the world are you? Whatever you do, you need to take a ride in both boats. They are quite different in size. The Lightning is more like a 32 true footer, when you remove the beak and integrated swimplatform. What is your budget? When you say rough seas, how rough? Abillity to bring x number of passengers? If you don't have one in your area, my guess is you will import one. You will then need to take a vacation to the states and find your boat. If you have the cash for these toys, you have the cash for looking at them. Buying something like this without riding it and looking at it, especially considering you never been on either, would be down right stupid. Not trying to be a stick in the mud, but be sensible about it. You are the one that'll pay and live with it, so you must be the one who likes it.
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Never ridden in a Donzi but I did ride in a 35Fountain in 3-5s. I'll never do it again, beat me up pretty bad.
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You need to get to the Miami Boat coming up in February to check some boats out first hand. You will learn so much just by seeing ho the boats are layed out, layed up, built, measured, and accessorized.

That said, I'll get you out on a 33 or 37 Active Thunder, and you will be free to make the decision our last two customers looking for similar boats made. The last two owners both took rides in Fountain, Donzi, NorTech, Cigarette, and Sunsation. They are both proud owners of 2012 Active Thunders after making sure they compared the rides of each hull in rough water.

I'll also add, that the ride depends tremendously on the driver. You can't just point the wheel, set the sticks and hope for the best expecting the hull to do the work. When you have harmony between sea conditions, driver experience, boat setup, and passenger comfort; THEN you know what a boat is supposed to feel like.

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I agree with the others go to Miami and also check out AT.

For that matter if you are talking new, DONZI and Fountian are closed.

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I would consider looking at boats built by companies that are still in business today..........
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I would go up to a 38 ZR with 525s minimum.
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Originally Posted by Smitty View Post
I would consider looking at boats built by companies that are still in business today..........
Why? They only build the hull, all the rest is bought and installed.
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Thumbs up

If u go to OSO classifieds,

Click Fountain, Page 2, about mid/way down their's a super clean looking 2007 Lightning, 525s, great looking paint scheme, for 150K.
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35 fountain is not the best choice for rough water. Great speed if you find a newer one with staggered 525s. Also the smallest cockpit of them all.
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