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How much $$$$ to paint a boat???


How much $$$$ to paint a boat???

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Originally Posted by maskinut
I'm bringing an old thread back to life but I figured it is better than starting a new one. I'm looking at a boat but I hate the paint job on the sides. I'd like to see how big of a job it is to paint the sides. I'd keep it to the easier/flat stuff. You can see what I mean in the pics below. I know it is hard to price a paint job but take a look below and let me know what it might take in your mind to get rid of the shark with a simple navy/white gloss. Also, if I were to sand it myself, how much of the bill does that save?
shooting just the sides is fairly simple, five or six thousand could probably get it done as long as theres not a lot of repair (stress, scrapes, etc) and the final is basic one or two color. Looking at the pic i am assuming you want to do all the yellow down to the hard chine. One point of concern is the graphics at the nose that extend below the hard chine. This will have to be done independent of the actual paint job and blended but there may be a chance it would just sand off. Incidentally to me thats the mark of a true amateur. No graphics should ever extend below the edge of the hard chine, looks like hell (no offense to your boat lol) every hideous shark job seems to be this way (again no offense to your boat lol).

Sanding it yourself would not save a whole lot. The devil is in the details on quality jobs and truth be told the sanding is the easy part. I have a marina close to me here that brings me faded boat for hullside paint (just quickie scuff an shoot) i can do twenty four to twenty six footers for around two or three thousand and turn them around in just a couple days and they love it. An untouched factory gel surface (no stripes or old repairs etc) only takes about a day to get both sides ready to shoot. Mask and squirt the next day and kick it to the curb on the third. This is strictly from the rub rail to the hard chine and in general one color with maybe some vinyl logos or something to wake it up.

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^^^^^^^^^ I'm taking that as a quoted price on the scuff and shoot for my next boat, I'll drop it off on the way back from Miami, and I like blue and silver....

FYI, I prefer "correct" and "cheap" over "fast", you can have an extra 2 days!

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I just noticed... That's a Shark with a Beak. What kind of strange cross breeding was going on there... Sorry, I am really bored at work today....
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This paint job was 22K back in 2008- http://www.flpowerboat.com/gallery/d...bum=171&pos=76

Deck/sides 3 colors, no dash/bilge paint. Boat was all white to start. Boat really "popped" in the sunlight, the copper/blue/silver looked awesome.
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Glassdave is right on the money! I do the same thing for a couple marinas and brokers over here in Southwest Fla. Average $2500 on a simple scuff &shoot on the hullsides can be a more economical alternative than trying to bring back some nasty faded gelcoat (and usually can be accomplished in 2 days +/-). Plus they can update to the current popular colors. I love it when they show up a couple days later and say ARE YOU SURE THATS MY BOAT!!!
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