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What is the most favorite boat you've ever owned?

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Any of my Apaches. There have been so many I couldn't pick just one.
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Originally Posted by HiPerf360 View Post
Any of my Apaches. There have been so many I couldn't pick just one.
ya...that's what Sunkin said..
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Black thunders any size!!!
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Default The First One.

The first boat I had was a 8 ft Sabot. I was 12 yrs old. It was a small sailboat with no sail. Bought the bare hull and painted it. Rowed it around Newport Bay UN-till I was finally able to talk my Dad into letting me put his 6 hp Merc on it. The Merc was the engine used to push his 26 ft sailboat into the slip.

Well the Sabot with that engine and my whopping 80 lbs was like having an outboard motor on the dinning room table. Fun as hell, and squirly like there is no tomorrow...and a couple of times they may not have been a tomorrow for me. That thing would get up on plane and take you wherever "it" wanted too.

The reason that boat is my favorite..................because it lead me to all the others.
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Originally Posted by offshoredrillin View Post
It was a joke Cat, don't get your depends all wadded up...
A "joke"??? Really?? I didn't see a smiling smiley on your comments so how was I to know?? The facts are that you came in here and didn't even show a boat like I asked. You told lies about me. On purpose. Why did you do that? Because you're still pissed that I'm a Democrat and a boat lover. You don't think a Democrat should even own a boat much less be a member of a site like this.

So do me a favor ok? Don't tell lies about me and try to dress them up as "jokes".
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Originally Posted by Audiofn View Post
18 Donzi 2+3 with a 454 in it, TRS drive. Still own it and will probably own it when I die. Boat is just fun to run.
I like the Donzi. Those 18' Donzi are fun boats. Nice!
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Lets see if I can get your thread back on track here.

This is my 1972 John Allmand - Super Nova.
John Allmand bought the Nova 19 molds from Allan Brownie Brown formally of Donzi and later his own company, Nova Marine. Nova Marine made 2 boat lines before they sold out. The 19' molds went to Allmand and the 24' molds went to WellCraft. So if you have a Nova boat this is where they started.
Allmand wasn't as smart as WellCraft. WellCraft went on to make millions just making updates to the styling of the hull for decades while Allmand only made a few of the 19's before they took the deck off and made a center console out of it only to sell a few more then stop all together when they closed up.
Mine happens to be the last documented made 19. (I also own the first Nova24 so i have bookends in a way.)
This boat will handle water that most boats twice it's size would have trouble with. It's fun going past 25' Gradywhite's pounding through the waves as I just skip along in my little boat.

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in 1966 some of my buddies got together, pooled our allowances and built a wooden hydroplane from popular mechanics plans. it was only 8.5 ft long. we put an evinrude 18 on it and actually sat on the gas tank instead of kneeling. used to race the jboats on our lake for fun. we were only 13 or so. 2nd season with it my friend was racing a gofast, cant even remember what it was. full tilt boogie and hit a wake, launched it and when he came back to earth ripped off the transom and deep sixed that old evinrude. we were devastated. flash forward 35-40 years velocity 24 and now a formula. i guess speed is relative. if the grand kids ask i will help build another hydroplane!!! i sure wish one of us would have taken a picture of that little speedster.
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