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New Spirit of Qatar Boat to Enter Extreme/Turbine Class

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Default Btw

By the way scotty-ive only displayed my boat at 1 race (Michigan city 2011) which I was made to move my boat off the premisus (I wonder why) so when you talk about trailer queens-maybe you should look in the mirror-you have way more than 1 "race" on your trailer-just sayin
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Originally Posted by JBS View Post
I guess this is why I kind of stopped doing OSO-everyone twists around what is said into something worse.this turbine racing was Geicos little baby-they invited people to do like it was going to be the up and coming class-got a lot of people to believe that it was a reliable way to race.however in the midst of them leaving turbine marine got myself caught up the turmoil and ultimately never let JBS racing rise through the ranks and gain any exposure-we have the talent,ability,and desire to become one of the best teams out there-but it wasn't matter if we won or not-all articles only talk about Geico or whoever has enough $ to buy the article-so there's no way to win even if you with this said-there's no help from anyone.when I said I earned it-I mean that i paid for it all myself-with no $ help from sponsors-I drove my own equipment across the country,worked on all my equipment,raced,etc,etc with my family and friends.I tried to have fun with it as well.after all the delays building the boat,losing the boat,and building a new boat I only made it to very limited amount of races-I should have been racing all of 2008,2009,and 2010 and into the when I say I did it myself-I did--I wasn't handed multible boats to use and unlimited funds and people to use as I of course I'm bitter,or jealous-Geico can do whatever they want-good for them,however it's rude that they have to belittle anyone for trying to do it or keep up with it-it's a monumental task.
So here we are-I've beaten Geico plenty of times and gone faster than Geico plenty of times at offshore events but for some reason Im not allowed to mention it because I didn't have enough $ to just be at some world championships (which is all you have to do to be a world champion).so of course I'm going strike out or speak up-JBS racing is long gone because of all the BS involved-it's not because of my decision or lack of desire-i'de love to be out there every race-to me it's fun-I love it,and I'm good at it.nobody can put me down-I know what I did,I know what I can do,and I know what I accomplished-I don't have to lie or put up smoke shields.JBS racing was dealt a bad hand and there's nothing that I can do about it now but try to let people know what happened and how it happened.still under all the circumstances we did very well from the first time in the boat to the sorry for trying to remind people of races won or speeds reached while doing so.I haven't heard any kind of acknowledgment of any of these statistic-only that Geico has more trophies on the wall.I won't bother listing any other accomplishments because it doesn't seem to matter.
I didn't know about OPA's 150 mph speed cap or no transmission rule-been out of the loop for a while.I dint see the point of the speed cap-now piston cats and vee bottoms can run along side of the turbines and turbine extremes-I don't get it-why do they need other classes then?just have open class,then at least it won't be confusing to spectators to watch when a P boat wins overall.
This has to be the longest run-on sentence in OSO history Was Puder in your pit crew?

I enjoy watching all of the extreme boats, and sweeeet tow rigs in front of them. Best of luck to everyone.
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Hey, how bout that New Spirit of Qatar! LOL!
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Running t55,s in the class is by far a huge advantage over
a t53. Scotty and Marc ya may wanna call Bill Tomlinson and get the 55,s back. I tend to wanna side with Arruda on its gonna hurt the class, However it is unlimited. The Sheiks got balls and cash.
Trial and error will be there for sure with the 55,s. That is
how the 53 powered boats will take him. Just my worthless opinion!
Ahh what the heck its racing... Good luck and be safe guys!
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Ok, I'm dumb and admit it. What are the differences between a 53 and a 55?
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Any idea when the new spirit of quatar boat will be done?
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Originally Posted by 36Tango View Post
Ok, I'm dumb and admit it. What are the differences between a 53 and a 55?
Big and BIGGER.
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Originally Posted by 36Tango View Post
Ok, I'm dumb and admit it. What are the differences between a 53 and a 55?
About twice the power before anyone b.s.'s their power claims. Nearly identical dimensional wise but no reduction built into the T55's and the cost is a lot more for the T55's.
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Spoke to Hassan today, after giving him some **** about the T55's
He told me that they are using T 53's for the racing, and T 55's for the record / Loto runs.
I do believe the transmissions they are talking about are only the reduction gears for the 55's when used.

Finally Scott, you are taking the **** I normally get from JBS .
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Jeff your delusional. Keep crying wolf but your not getting sympathy from anyone with your make believe stories and baseless aqusations. Your a trust fund baby that has a tantrum at anything that doesnt go your way. You slam us (Miss G) any chance you get with your cut downs but when it comes back your way your "thin skin" shines bright.

Our team has worked hard to bring vision,notoriety and direction to a sport that has many hurdles. You have done nothing but epitomize the ugly side of offshore racing with your wild ego pumping stories,internet tirades and strange actions. We offered you sound advice on how to achieve longevity in offshore both technically and financially. Like a teenager that knows it all you didn't listen and now youve blown what your smart parents worked so hard to create.

Why would anyone buy your boat it's been run hard put away wet, the bottom is fkd and you owe good people money for services rendered. I suspect theres a reason you won't let that boat in the state of FL.

Enjoy your garage ornament and your glory days. You know when it came down to it you chose poker running over racing us. (remember we offered to pay your entry fees, tried to get you a sponsor, arranged for TV segments) No you stood us up like a bratty kid and threw it back in our face.

Now drop this so you don't make yourself look any worse

36 tango

A t53 -L13 is rated to 1450 SHP

A T-53 703 1850SHP

A t-55 L7C 2800SHP (slightly bigger engine similar in design, big brother)

All of these engines can be optimized for more power.

Miss G signing off ..enough time wasted on this subject.
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