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Stock Tip or just bad news for all America Online Users?

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Originally posted by TulsaLarry
Iím not here to argue the pros or cons of Microsoft or AOL--- When AOL spent tons of money to buy Netscape they were one of the leading browsers on the market. After that purchase Microsoft came out with their Internet Explorer and required all the PC manufacturers to install the Internet Explorer if they made Windows available. This killed AOLís investment in Netscape.

AOL might compare this type of control to a situation (if it occurred) where say APBA went to the boat manufacturers and commanded that if they wanted their boats to race APBA they were not allowed to promote their boats in any other racing including SBI.
This possibly might create some bad blood between APBA and SBI.

I feel that Microsoft and AOL are both great companies but in business itís a dog eat dog world.
Thank you for explaining that for me! Bravo.

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I guess the fact that I live just a short distance from Microsoft may make me root for Microsft, but it gets kinda tiring hearing the constant slamming of the company and Bill Gates.

First off I have to say that everyone is entitled to their opinion of Bill, but has anyone ever taken the time to see just what he has done in this country. I can't think of a single person that has donated more to schools and charities than the gates. Not just equipment, but money also. Some of you may say "Big deal, he has lots to give and it's a drop in the bucket to him", but let me point out that there are lots of rich people out there that contribute nothing, especially given times like this when with the Enron debacle that we are realizing just how much some of these people are actually taking. And sure he donates PC with windows, who in their right mind would donate their competitors equipment?

Another thing is that with the latest lawsuit pending against Microsoft expecting them to divulge the components of their operating system to competitors I say B.S.. AOL is no small company so why should they be able to use just their browser? Microsoft wouldn't be allowed to do that. Seems these small companies want to have their cake and to eat it too.

As for Netscape, Hmmm. I don't claim to be a webmaster, but after having taken classes on HTML, DHTML, XHTML, AND and JavaScript, I have to say that no single browser is following the standard set forth by the W3C, least of all Netscape. Their synatax is so screwy that you have to do multiple steps just to get certain things accomplished that IE will do in one. Hell, 6.2 doesn't even hardly support CSS. Those of you that are actually designers should know that using CSS helps allot and if you can't use it then you have to do things other ways which are a pain.

So for those of you that feel the need to slam Microsoft that is certainly your right, but if your going to hold Microsoft to a certain standard then you need to apply that same rule to everyone else, which it seems no one does. Like TulsaLarry said it's a dog eat dog world out there, and I would do whatever it took to make my company number one.

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