Used Boat Prices?

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Default Used Boat Prices?

With the incredible increase in new boat prices (From bowriders to offshore performance) is there a guide to how to price a used boat? If you look at the major online price guides it seems the prices are very low compared to new which is understandable to a point. If you go by their depreciation formula? in a few years some not so old boats will be priced at only a couple thousand dollars. Shouldn't used prices increase in relation to the % increase in prices of new boats?

Below is the pricing found on one of the major pricing guides for a higher end boat builder.

21' Sport Boat Stern Drive base V6 power with no options entered. Five year price break downs.

2011 $39,000
2006 $16,000
2001 $12,000

Why wouldn't the 2001 price be $8,000
and then 1996 $4,000?? and 1991 $2,000 ???? so on.

I guess they assume the boat is sitting out in a field without a cover and neglected??
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I base my opinion on a boats price by comparing that boat to other similar condition, similar year, similar powered boats of the same brand. Then, I compare the price of that boat and think to myself, "For this money, could I buy significantly more boat in anther brand with similar qualities?"

It's all about what the boat is worth to each buyer. Plus, many older boats have upgraded power and drives over the years which increases their value if the new power is stock or from a name builder. Every boat's condition, extras like high end electronics/gauges/steering, freshness of the power, quality of the trailer, etc affects the price drastically.

I am surprised the used boat market hasn't improved since most aren't buying new. The used car market has certainly taken off because people buy used more often than new in this economy, but the boating market hasn't taken a similar turn.
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My opinion is that new boat sales were extremely low from say 2006-current and that the boats in those years will retain a much higher resale value do to shear supply and demand of a lot of people in my shoes that just can't afford new. Being as there isn't as many around they should command a much higher price come sale time, that in conjunction with the rapid increase in new boat prices themselves keeping the used market in check.
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In my opinion used performance boats are priced just as high as they were 5 years ago (boats under $30,000). When I was shopping for a 24-28 foot boat back in 2006 I looked and looked (across the country) and typically what I found was a 1994-1997 boat with a price of $25k-$30k and a single 454 mag or 502 and a tandem trailer.
Fast forward 5 years. What is a 24-28 foot offshore boat 1999-2002 with a single 502 or 496 on a tandem trailer selling for? $25-$30k!
I just purchased my 1988 Wellcraft Nova Spyder a few weeks ago and I searched 1000 miles around Seattle and could only find a couple used performance boats for under $10,000. So, I do think that there are a few things going on: 1) unemployment is dropping and people are buying boats again..2) Used boats under $30k are selling. 3) New boats are too damn expensive and I think people have learned from the mistakes of 5 years ago (buying new and watching the boat depreciate rapidly therefore loosing alot of money).
Im sure $5 gas and the overall high cost of living is helping push people into used boats too.

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