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"Water Rage" suspects arrested! - Justice system works

Old 06-28-2002, 12:57 AM
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Hey this is fun!! How are ya Chuck? Going down this weekend? How about you Warpaint? Got some more pictures!!!!
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Old 06-28-2002, 01:36 AM
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i wonder who SC made madd enuff to get another screen name and come back on here

KnowNothin you are too big of a coincidence for me too believe
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Old 06-28-2002, 05:39 AM
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Originally posted by supercrash
Sounds Fishy....Whats with the big follow up story and no explanation as to what started the whole thing...I doubt that these guys were just handing out random beatings , I would suspect that the victim did something stupid and was called on it...
I guess this would mean that you should be getting your ass kicked on a regular basis then.

Regardless of what the Victim did, it did not become a criminal act until the Suspects committed the assault.
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Old 06-28-2002, 07:59 AM
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Default Geez - O - Pete's guys....

I know you don't like SC - but he is making a point. In the follow up article they don't say what provoked it. Take this example: You're riding in your car (can be interchange with boat if you like) down a four lane divided road. A car pulls out of a driveway to get to the u-turny thing to go the other way. Except he pulls out in front of a bunch of traffic going sixty. The guy in the left lane has to slam on the brakes, veer into the right lane to miss this guy. Almost has the car behind him rear end him. Thank God the car in the right lane knew what was gonna happen and got over on the shoulder to give the car in the left lane room. What would you do??? I'll tell ya what I did. I followed the guy till the next light and yelled like holy hell at him!!! I had my baby with me and that stupid ******* who couldn't wait could've easily caused an accident with injury all because he couldn't wait!!!! That guy deserved to have his ass beat!!!!

I understand what Crash is saying and he makes sense. I know how he is and you guys dislike him so much you can't listen to what he is saying.

I think there are certain circumstances for people to get their ass beat because they need it. Not saying in this particular boat rage case, but there are times.
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Old 06-28-2002, 08:35 AM
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Up till now I've been content to sit back, munch some popcorn and watch the fun.

I'm glad they caught the SOB"S that beat the guy. I hope they become the next cell block queens of whatever jail they're in.
Some of you asked why the other passengers didn't come to his aid. Given the amount of information posted at the beginning, we didn't know. Well, according to the latest info it sounds like they did since injuries were reported by them. Sounds like they tried to stop it. The two accused guys apparently were friends with the owner of the pontoon boat and there were others along for the ride too.
Did they get involved?
Why didn't they try to stop the assault?
Were they cheering the two guys on?
Did the passengers in both boats go at it?
Who knows.

In my opinion, if the passengers on the pontoon boat didin't try to stop it then they are just as guilty as the accused.

Whatever the man did to be accused of "bad boating" (???) it didn't deserve a beating.
Even if some jerk cut off my car and my daughter lost a tooh I would never lay a hand on the guy. Why? Because if I did I would be more in the wrong than the other guy.
What I would do is file a complaint with the police and take him to court.
What? You say it won't work? It sure does because I've done it.
I was driving down a four lane road, in the left lane, when a guy in the right lane decided to make a left turn from the right lane. Never looked, changed lanes or anything. He just cut the wheel and turned. He forced me to run up into someones yard tearing out bushes and ruining their grass. Fortunately neither myself or my wife were injured and the car was ok. I took off after him, caught up and took down his plate number. Went to the local police department and filed a complaint. They sent a patrol car out and brought him back. I identified him and they turned him loose on his own recognizance.
Long story short, we took him to court and wone. He had to pay all damages to the property owner and he lost his drivers license for 8 months. Even his son, the lawyer, couldn't do anything to help.
Was I satisfied? Yes.
Did I get any money out of it? No, I didn't ask for any.
My satisfaction was watching him argue with the judge and then having to pay over a thousand to the other party.
Justice was served.
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