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US Appeals Court rules Pledge of Allegience Unconstitutional

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Old 06-26-2002, 05:49 PM
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Cry...Cry...Cry...Congress added it in 1954...why can't they take it out......?.....

Shane you are wrong about our founding fathers...Dead wrong

But really , As a Reverand myself , At the Universal Life Church , I can say that I would be pleased with them removing it...

Bush says court ruling "RIDICULOUS".....I personally think that he should have made up a new word to describe how he feels about ridicublous...
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Originally posted by supercrash
...Shane you are wrong about our founding fathers...Dead wrong
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I hate to tell ya folks but it sounds like you Americans are becoming more Canadian every day.
Next thing you are going get is the turban instead of a proper military cap type of crap that we have.Can federally enforced "mutli culturalism" be far behind for Americans?Take a lesson from your neighbors,DO NOT LET IT HAPPEN!!!It has been tearing away at our country since that A-HOLE Pierre Elliot Trudeau ruled Canada in the 70's and F'd everything up with his socialist dogma crap infested "vision" of a better nation.There hasn't been a federal government with the BALLS to fix it since.The slope is greased with wd40,its real slippery.

P.S.shoot the judges,it makes sence honest it does
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Much made up of nothing by the person that brought this case. I am not sure what his point was about this. However the part that is question is the UNDER GOD part. This part was as SuperCrash said added by congress in the 50's. If he says 54 then I will go with that I though it was 52 but anyhow we are close. So they take it out and make it the way it used to be as Shane said by our founding fathers. Maybe it was left out all those years before just for this very reason. It does not bother me. However what does bother me is

Now you are at court being sworn in.... I promis to tell the trueth the whole trueth so help me..... what what are we going to put there??? Military, all kinds of places that can not have a case made that it is unconstitutional to say God. Kind of pisses me off about all that.

This A-hole opened up a whole pandora's box just because he was not willing to talk to his kid and explain to him/her about the Pledge of Allegience. Be a better father and spend more time with your kids instead of spending all the time away from them that this surely has caused.

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Thomas Jefferson..."I have examined all the known superstitions of the word , And I do not find in our particular superstition of chrisianity one redeeming feature , They are all alike , Founded on fables and mythology"

"Christianity has become the most pervertedsystem that ever shone on man"

John Adams... "The doctrine of the divinity of jesus is made a convinient cover for absurdity"

Adams also signed the treaty of Tripoli....stating


I could elaborate more if you want...

now can you elaborate...?....
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Oh ya I am ripping up all the money I see in the next lifetime as it says "In God We Trust"!!!!!!!
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What do youy expect from a judge named Alfred? 10-1 that this guy got his ass beat at school everyday. Revenge is his...till Clarence Thomas, Antonin Scalia, and Co. reverse his decision.
"Kevin, prepare for the summer."

-Mr. Sorkin, 10th Grade Geometry teacher
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I like how the President , and congress feel free to use words like "Ridiculous , nuts , crazy , and one guy called the judge stupid...should these words also be used to describe the state of the country prior to 1954...In 54 the Atheist activists were probably using those same words when it was inserted....I don't really care either way , but this is something that effects the children..They are to young to figure out which god to worship if any at all , Thats where Christmas comes in and the pledge in school...Kids don't know squat about jesus , but they know EVERTHING about Santa...These are gang tactics..Get them while they are young...I once heard a "believer" say when asked what they would think of alien life landing on earth and what they would think...Now they could question their belife that god created everything , but no , they said "The first thing we would have to ask ourselves is if they believe in god and if jesus also died for their sins..Thats a brainwash , and it begins with small little changes like adding "under god" in the pledge , or putting in god we trust on our money...there is one good thing I can say about religion , It seems to be a wonderfull people management system , A great way to keep the masses in line...
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I feel that the Pledge of Allegance is fine and anyone who does not like it, just go to a country where their is not one.

**** Supercrash****
You always seem to be the devils advocate?? However you do amuse me from time to time, "As a Reverand myself , At the Universal Life Church " How long did that take 6 min.

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I agree with crash.

This country was founded on the importance of separation of church and state, because the framers of the constitution had witnessed the result of comingling the two in all the other governments of the world and they, the framers, saw that it lead to dangerous compromises. Remember the Inquisition and the Salem witchcraft trials.

This country was not founded on Judeo-Christian ethics. You guys hear a new buzz word with lots of stage appeal and take it as the truth. This country is a country of laws, not of men. Therefore, no body, no King, and no Pope, and, no Buddha, no Allah, and no President is above the law. Remember the Magna Carta? It started it all in England in 1215 A.D. Sort of a commoners bill of rights. Even the Romans had a "Bill of Rights" for even slaves. That no person could be forced to wash the feet of another person, even the Emporer's feet. Our laws are based, in part, on English Common Law, but one of the greatest contributors was Napolean who codified all the statutory laws with the Napoleanic Code. As another safety measure, the Constitution provides for three branches of government, which until then was unheard of in the world.

"under God" hasn't helped reduce the crime in this country. There is no way anyone can prove it has been either beneficial, or harmful. I just prefer to keep government and religion very much separated, as did the Founding Fathers. They were very, very wise men.
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