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US Appeals Court rules Pledge of Allegience Unconstitutional

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Originally posted by supercrash

what is really amazing is that you guys can't predict what my response would be to jims post...

Dude, we can't predict what your next response on anything is going to be. But they are most entertaining some times.
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"These are the rights that the British monarchy did not provide. So our Founding fathers left and came to this country. "

The 1689 Bill of Rights, initiated by the House of Commons, established the authority of Parliament over the King making Britain a democracy 100 years before the American Revolution.

Just for the record the USA did not revolt against a monarchy or a King. Britain was a democracy yes DEMOCRACY at the time. The USA was a colony whose citizens were British citizens but who had no representation in that democracy.

Basically just like Puerto Rico, A US colony since 1898 , they are supposedly US citizens yet they have no represention in congress or the senate or until very recently to vote for president.
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Just a footnote to the above. Although it has been said here YET, I am sure it will be soon coming, the United Sattes is NOT a DEMOCRACY! We are REPUBLIC! If we were democracy we the people would vote on EVERY ISSUE. Can you imagine teh people of Florida having to vote that many times a year? They can't figure out how to vote once every four! In a republic, we are represented by our elected official to vote on issues on our behalf. I just wanted to set that straight before we went off to far on another tangent.
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Hey Pal, watch it there....

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Look I can't argue about god all day , But the fact that most people believce in god and trust his every word is sickening enough , Is god evil...?...Lets answer that question now....He tells us we can kill homhs , our own family members , And that we can own slaves and kill our slaves...He has killed thousands of innocent women and children....Now i have brought this up before , about god killing thousands of innocent people...If you follow gods word and trust and worship him like our money states then you SUPPORT THE MURDER OF THOUSANDS OF INNOCENT WOMEN AND CHILDREN.....There is no arguing this point...god is evil and I know it ...I have read the bible and know the truth...your god loves to kill innocent people , sometimes in the bible he would kill a entire village twice , Now I don't care about all the good things in the bible that your sunday school teacher tells you about, like noah , everybody knows the story , kinda , God killed everybody on earth because he messed up and created some evil humans....OOOPS , I thought god didn't make mistakes...Fact is that if you believe and support god , then you are stuck with all his rules,,,,How many fathers out there really murdered their sons because they were rebelious...?.....god wants you to blow their head of next time they rebel....Just do it in gods name you stupid blind murdering sheep..
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Originally posted by Shane
. Can you imagine teh people of Florida having to vote that many times a year? They can't figure out how to vote once every four!

Hey the New Testament, Jesus was faced with a similar question regarding the (Old Testament) Mosaic laws. What you do not understand, and cannot understand because you do not have "Faith," is that when Christ died on the cross, he died as a sacrifice for the homo(s) and the unbelieving children. No longer was it necessary to kill the abominator. The "God Given" right to kill these people was revoked.

Like I said, I don't expect you to agree. But, everyone on here respects your (un) belief, Its too bad you can't respect ours.

As far as evolution...hmmm....let me get this straight. Things just keep getting better? I think not. Even die hard Evolutionists, the ones you consider the smartest people in the world are scared because they cannot find a "Missing Link." They can find fossils that are Bilions of years old (based on Carbon 14 dating which estimated the age a a Eberhard Faber #2 pencil at 30 Billion years...REAL accurate ), and every age in between, but still no monkeys reading poetry.

Also, it is a proven fact that everything moves from order to dis-order, stuff does not construct on its own. It destructs.

Originally posted by Supercrash
...if you mention god then in this country you are talking about the bible or parts of the bible...
If you think that way, then you are just guilty as everyone else. If I walk into an Islamic Temple and I say the word "god," I gaurantee that what comes to their mind is completely different than what is in mine. Every RELIGION has a different meaning for god. And there is no shortage of varied RELIGIONS in this country, because we have the right to believe in whatever god we want.

Originally posted by catmandu
It is unconstitutional to give public funds, collected by taxation, to religious groups, public or private. 90% of private schools in this country are Catholic or Protestant.
90% of private schools also deliver a higher grade of education than Public Education. Which is why 90% of the parents of the children who attend these schools actually do not practice the specific "sponsor" religion of the school. I went to a Baptist high school, but my classmates were Catholic, Mormon, Seventh-Day Adventists, etc... They are there for a better education in a more structured environment...the same reasoning behind Military Academies.
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Sure we can say those rights were revoked...Your god still sees no problem with killing thousands on innocent women and children , he encourages rape , insest , murdering your own family and other terrible things...if you have faith in someone that commits the worst of the worst of crimes then you a sick f**k...your god is a sick f**k..

The sorry fact is that you guys support the murder of women and children....If you don't then you are defying your god ...your sick murderous god...

come to think about it...Osama killed thousands of innocent women and children , just like your murderous god....No matter how much love you have in your heart you will never be able to take away the fact that your god is a murdering manic that repeatedly wipes out entire groups of people over and over again , he encourages the armies to slice children into pieces and to rape the women...You guys must love killing kids and raping women... ...because there is plenty of it in the bible...Someday we might be able to get rid of this terrible brain wash we call religion...Manson was a murdering manic , yet his followers thought he was a loving peacefull man , thats brainwashing for ya...
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Holy crap!!! Don't any of you guys like talking about boats?
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I knew you would eventually resort to name calling SC. You usually do.

You obviously do not understand the Bible. I'm sure you have read it, but that does not mean you understand it. Have you ever read the New Testament?

I would appreciate it if you would refrain from the name calling. I have not done that and it only serves to discredit you.

You still have not responded to the point I am making about what our Founding fathers were thinking in the beginning and can only come to the conclusion that you cannot defend your position since you are wrong.
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Nah.....this is way to much fun.

remember, boating is my pursuit of happiness.
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