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OT: Classy People - you gotta read this (long)

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Default OT: Classy People - you gotta read this (long)

I am a member of a nice private club organized by boaters for boaters on our lake. They have the cheapest gas/fuel on the lake, a really nice clubhouse and restaurant with a pretty marina and lake view. They also have a kids' gameroom, condo slips, dry storage, playground, and a dang nice pool. We took the Formula there last week and got to watch a real life Jerry Springer moment.

Here is the email I sent to the Commodore of the club afterwards:
I witnessed with my family quite an interesting show Saturday evening. My family (self, wife, son 11, and daughter 9) rode to Cedar Creek for a late afternoon of swimming and dinner. We had spoken with another couple who were Bluegrass members who had also planned to do the same. We arrived at appx. 5:45 pm. Since we were hungry, we decided to eat first. We enjoyed a great meal in the dining room. Our steaks were great and the atmosphere was refreshing. We enjoyed the outdoor cooking of the steaks and grilled fish, along with the upbeat music playing near the grill. The salad bar was fresh and colorful. Our server Natasha was efficient and personable. The new diningroom manager was keeping tabs on the guests, making sure that everybody was content. In all, the experience couldn’t have been more positive.

As dinner wound down, the kids were asking if they could go swim now. We told them they could go to the shower rooms and change into their suits and we would be out after we signed the check. We took a few moments and strolled to the pool area. Out kids were on chaise lounges waiting for us to join them before they got in the pool. Our kids then hopped into the pool and began swimming.

It was at this point that I noticed some loud trashy language coming from the corner of the pool where the steps are. I noticed a group of women and children who appeared to have been at the pool for a while. There were a couple of server’s trays on the pool deck near the women which contained a few nearly empty cocktail glasses. There were three women sitting in the pool on the steps, one of which appeared to be pale and sickly. The other two looked as if they were holding her head above water. There were another few adult women and adolescent girls that belonged to the same group. All were obviously full of liquor and were in the obnoxious, boisterous, abrasive “stage” of inebriation. Several were using horrid language loudly and consistently. Among the filth being loudly announced across the area were such phrases as “fXcked up”, “stupid bXtch”, “fXcking shXt”, “dXmn aXXhole”, “go to hXll”, “kiss my aXX”, and I’m sure some that I didn’t catch. My kids were at the deep end of the pool, and my wife looked at me and told me we needed to get the kids out of here.

Two of the women who were sitting near the steps in the pool were smoking cigarettes in the pool. A small child of theirs, of toddler age, was running about. She kept taking pieces of ice from the “finished” cocktails and was eating them. Apparently, one of the women had been drinking margaritas, because there was a large container of salt on the serving tray. The small girl began to pour the salt on the pool deck. One of the women, I assume her mother, noticed her doing such and took the container away from her. Instead of placing it out of the child’s reach, however, the woman poured most of the remaining contents out adjacent to the previous pile and told the child to draw in the salt with her finger. In the meantime, the sickly woman was receiving a new form of treatment from her two associates. The two women were attempting to feed the sick woman some buttered bread. Shortly after this failed attempt, one of the women tried to pour some of the remaining salt in the sick woman’s mouth from the nearly empty container.

At this time, the two women on the steps began cursing aggressively and one of them quickly exited the pool, holding her mouth. The other woman in the pool exclaimed in amusement, “ShXt, she’s puking!”. The one who had exited the pool was now alternately dry-heaving loudly and exclaiming “I can’t watch that shXt! Ugh!”.

My wife got my children out of the pool. We moved from the pool area to the nearby tables outside the dining room to watch the spectacle. At this point, no one had done anything remotely resembling an attempt to remove the ill woman from the pool. Children belonging to the group still happily paddled around the floating chunks of vomit. The group was still generously spreading loud, slurred profanities around the area with several of them laughing drunkenly. An angry man appeared and insisted that the group get out of the pool immediately. Profanities flew from the group. Many indignant phrases such as “Who the hXll are you to tell me what to do?”, “I’ve been coming to this pool since I was two weeks old.”, “You don’t know who you are messing with.”, and “Don’t jump on my aXX”. As I watched and listened, my impression was that whomever was doing some of the most aggressive cursing was saying that she was apparently the “granddaughter” of some member named “XX XXXXXXX (unsure of spelling)”. The man (a CCYC member who I later learned had been witnessing this group for several hours) was adamant that they get the sick woman out of the pool. He also remarked that the pool would need to be closed now until it could be cleaned up. The combative woman laughed and said “It ain’t like she done shXt the pool! It ain’t shXt; it’s just some puke, you aXXhole!”, “They close the pool if there’s some shXt in it.”, “It ain’t shXt, dXmn it.” The angry member turned to go report the scenario to somebody.

The women now began to attempt to drag the sickly (and large) woman from the pool. Eventually, they managed to get her on a chaise lounge and put a towel on her legs. When the woman began to show signs of consciousness, the savvy compatriots hastened her recovery by offering her a cigarette, which I believe she accepted even though she was too weak to hold it herself. In the meantime, on the opposite end of the pool was a young adult male dressed like a rap artist. A young teen who was with the group had been tending to what appeared to be her young child. She, and another slightly older (and heavier) girl began to alternately sit on the young man’s lap and move about in a somewhat suggestive manner. Apparently, they were doing their best to keep the young man’s mind off the vomit floating by in front of him.

By now, the other couple we had planned to meet had arrived and we briefed them on the happenings. They sent their children to join ours in the recreation room while we sat by to watch and be amazed some more. Around this time James arrived to take control of the situation. He also met with a combative stance from the group. The group was still content to allow their offspring to paddle around in the vomit while they chainsmoked. They had ordered more food and drink and appeared to be planning to stay for quite a while. They were not pleased with James’ suggestion that they pick up their belongings and leave the premises. He diplomatically, but firmly, dealt with the group. I believe he told them that he was going to call for official help in removing them, because as soon as he went to the office for something, the women staggered out with their nearly-comatose friend and carried her to a truck in the parking lot. It appeared that they were wanting to get off the premises before officials arrived, but it took them quite a few attempts to successfully load their friend into the vehicle before driving away hastily. The remaining members of the group did not begin moving towards the exit until James arrived a second time and stood by while they leisurely gathered their valuables and crept away. Even after the bulk of the group had departed, there were still a few more who had managed to “distance” themselves from the core of the group. The ones who had pulled this off sat by acting as if they did not know the others. They were still there when we left.

While the show was indeed memorable, we would have preferred that our children had been allowed to have a nice evening of swimming. I am not sure whether any of the offenders were actually members or not. If they are simply “related” to a member, the situation needs dealt with immediately. The member needs to be notified of the occurrence in some sort of official manner. If the offenders are actually members themselves, then they need to be reminded of the guidelines and expectations of the membership.

If I am ever witnessed to be behaving in a manner similar to those described in this memo, please feel free to have me forcefully removed from the premises and allowed to reflect on my actions in a drunk tank.

Any comments are welcome.

M Collins

just thought you folk would enjoy the story
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Trailer Trash for sure. Don't think even Jerry Springer would run that one. Have to go to Richard Bay.
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And they rode off into the sunset to get to the double wide!!!!
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So many Women...So Few Ladies!!!
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