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Jet Ski cut in front of me and guess who was behind me?

Old 07-05-2002, 11:27 AM
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Default Jet Ski cut in front of me and guess who was behind me?

The local water police, DNR.

Same story as always. Driving and jet ski cut right in front of our boat with my wife and 2 little boys aboard. However, this time the DNR, which was about 100 yards behind us, saw everything. Pulled him over in a heart beat!!!!!

By the time we docked, got the boat out, and put everything away, they still had him. I wonder how he enjoyed the ticket???

Sorry, but it felt really good to see that.
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Old 07-05-2002, 06:23 PM
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Eric, ya gotta love it!
Had a similar experience last 4th of July with a pontoon operator... Right after the fireworks we were heading back in to dock, I was following another cruiser (hadn't got the Warlock yet ) about 150' in back, and this @$$hole cuts in front and BARELY misses us, tells me I'm #1, and high 5's his buddies. I hit the front spot light on him to let him know I was back there (as if the air horns weren't enough... ) Anyway, I'm making better headway than he is, so I pass him, again keeping my distance, and overtake him to port. After about 10 minutes, we get to a "No Wake" zone, he's coming up @ full steam and had closed in to about 20', when the Blue light special was announced!!! A friend of mine who was several minutes behind me said he saw two of them in cuffs. Karma is a great thing!

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Default thats good news. If we could only get them to stop the wakes near the docking areas it would be heaven.
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Old 07-05-2002, 07:57 PM
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I found a way to handle those damn PWCs. (the writing between the sponsons) The look on there face when they cut me off and they have a sponson tapping their shoulder and they see that is priceless
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Old 07-05-2002, 09:09 PM
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"Jet Ski Intake" I knew I liked cats!
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Old 07-05-2002, 09:58 PM
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Packinair, I have somewhat the same on the front of my cat

I will post this week a pic.

Have " PWC GARAGE" with two arrows on the inside of the sponsons.
People comment all the time when going through the channels on the local lake.
Even had one pwcc operator ask?? Do you actually park 'your' jetski under there on the TRAILER??

I said I have been known to have one under there want to try it out?
This Cat is trying to keep up with the Big Dogs
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Boating in S. Florida is no different all you need to do is dodge jetskis all day long. Try going through a narrow inlet that runs east to West with them doing z turns when your trying to stay on top of the waves. I think I will paint that jet ski intake on the front of my cat. There has been enough times when I felt like doing it.
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On the 4th I was with some friends in their 35'Cigarette and we had just come out the piers from St. Joseph (Lake Michigan) and were heading south. We had gone about 5-6 miles and were about a good 1/2 to 3/4's of a mile out from shore and were running perpendicular to the shoreline when darting straight out from shore comes this jetski---with two people aboard. A man with about a 15 year old girl. I think he was teaching her how to drive/operate the jetski because she was sitting in front and he was talking over her shoulder. Anyway, we were at cruising speeds on a steady were they but we both were on a colision course with each other. Now then----we're talking an ALL WHITE 35' vessel with our silouette on the horizon/sky line. They should have easily spotted us first----but they just kept on coming at the same speed and unless we pulled back on the throttles and SLOWED way down they would have been SHARK CHUM because they bisected our path 30 feet in front of us. They must have had tunnel vision or extremely poor judgement. They didn't end up seeing us until they were right smack in front of us and then they slowed but then it would have been way too late. We yelled at them as we went by and threw our hands up. They weren't ALERT or aware of their surroundings----how foolish because I'm not sure they realize what it almost cost them.
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Michael Martin
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Default Had one run into me yesterday

I was out on Lake Murray Friday and had one run into the back of my boat. I was slowing down to go under the Dreher Island bridge & one flew by me at full speed. Under the bridge & gone - never slowed down.

I got ready to plane off and another one ran into the back of my Vector. Cracked my motor cover and scratched up the lower pan and put a rub mark on the dvrs side top deck.

After cleaning my pants & made sure the girl was ok & then begane ripping her a new ass. Come to find out it was her dad that came flying by me earlier. They had just got them that morning & she didn't know how to stop!!!!

Her Dad must have seen what was going on as he came back over and appologised. I told him what had happened & that both of us could have been seriously injured. He got an additude & told me that I shouldn't have been in the way!!!!!!WTF??

They both took off.

New Skis so they didn't have numbers yet. The Girl did tell me her name though.

I got in touch with DNR later last night & had them do a report.

I've got the cover fixed other than the grafx & I'm waiting on my guy at the Sign Shop to call me now so I can pick them up.
The rub mark came out of the top deck but the metal rub rail is now bent in some.
Some days i just wish they would outlaw the damn things. Her stupidity has cost me about 3 hrs of my time and $60. Not including the rub rail.

Hopefully they'll find them and charge her so I can get some of my money back & make her goto boatsafe.

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That sucks, I hope they find them and make sure they charge that jerk with a hit and run also.

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