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First "Bad Experiance" Post!!! Long, But worth it

Old 07-06-2002, 10:30 PM
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Default First "Bad Experiance" Post!!! Long, But worth it

I have always tried to give a bit of attention to those I have met in the industry that help give Sales, Service, Storage, Transport, and anything else related to Boating a good name. I get treated very well when dealing with most manufacturers and service companies considering the reputation of my company and how we pride ourselves on one on one customer service. Unfortunately I think that as well as writing great things about others in the industry helping out, it is also important to mention those giving us a black eye. I have had my Jet Boat (Yes, one of my boats is a Jet Boat) at a local High Performance boat dealer and service center that I was under the impression I had a great repair with. I needed an engine install and some Gel Coat work completed. These are my chain of events:
1. Worst Gel Coat work ever performed on a boat (uneven, discolored, and the carpet on the inside that had been ripped out for repairs stayed ripped out. I was told to "Buy some 3M spray glue and put it in myself".)
2. Engine sat out of boat for about 6 months in the rain until I sighed a second work order (the first was "Lost")
3. Finally I get billed for "Storage" of the boat while the second word order is open.
4. 1 month later service manager #1 calls to ask "What do I want done to the boat?" "Install the engine and make it run"
5. Next day "Pay half in advance".....Went in the next day and paid.
6. 3 days later.. Service Mngr #1 "Your boat is done, it started right up, pick it up tomorrow or pay for storage."
7. Next day I go to inspect the boat. Engine Mount Bolts are installed, Throttle cable installed, Intake shroud bolts half installed half missing, part if the drive from the engine to the pump is hanging off, The Transom shroud is hanging off, none of the shift cables are installed and the service manager is nowhere to be found.
8. Next Day I call and Service Manger and I have a semantic argument over the words "Engine Install" he tries to tell me it took 7 hours to complete the work and the ran out of the time I paid for. I cut the check for the other half and asked him to get me a quote for the rest of the work.
9. 2 weeks later I get a call to either "Get the Boat or pay Storage". I explain I am waiting on a quote in which the Service Mngr.#1 Disagrees and says Pick up your boat. I called the owner of the company and explained I wanted the work done there due to there reputation and quality of work and I have been trying to give them money to do the work.
10. 2 weeks later. I call to check the status and catch Srevice Mngr#1 on his last day with that company. I plead with him for a price due to the fact that the season is coming and get "It will be $1000 to finish your boat...Pay it or take the boat, Or call tomorrow and deal with the next service manager"
11. I wait 1 week and call the next service Mngr who agrees the Installation was not complete. He asks for 1 week to sort things out and he will make things right considering I am in the industry and VOCAL!!! I agree considering he is planing on showing some integrity. I call and Notify the owner of the company who tells me they he spoke with ServiceMngr #2 and they will make things right.
12. Company Takes New Ownership the next week and Service Mngr #2 moves on to bigger and better things.
13. I go to talk to Service Mngr #3. "I know you have gotten the run-around but we will sort this out and get to your boat within the next week" I also introduce myself to the new owner and ask if he can oversee the currant situation.
14. 3 weeks go buy and I have stopped in twice a week to hear how busy they are with everyone else's boats. Mine has been there for almost 10 months from the first work order.
15. Last week. I call and tell the new owner "I have plans to go to Havasu for the forth, this is ridiculous!!!" He tells me he will get on it. I also inform him that I got a Bill for storage in the mail and took the liberty to disregard it.
16. The forth comes and goes and today I show up to see the progress. As far as I can tell they have officially glued the carpet in. Yea!!!! The have also backed it into something bending the mount for the swim platform and putting a scratch on the back of the boat.
17. Looking into the near future...I will be picking my boat up this week and tailoring it to the mechanic that I have been referring all of my clients to in the meantime.

I used my own boat as a guinny pig with this company and it is safe to say I will not be giving them any referrals in the near future. I have been told it would reflect poorly on myself and my company by posting that "I" have been taken advantage of in the industry that I help others avoid obstacles in. I disagree. I used my own boat as a learning experience and now can help my clients avoid the same treatment. I will not post the name of the company that has lost my business. However I will post the name of the company that will be getting my boat, as well as my clients. Team Archer Marine in Costa Mesa California has treated both myself and my clients very well within the past year. I have no complaints about lead times or prices and I feel confident with there opinions and diagnosis of problems. I am keeping them at the top of my list and dropping the other company in question from the bottom!
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IDRPSTF,sorry to hear about your problems. As a ex service manager of a Auto dealer,I know how easy it is to get jacked around. I do think though that by NOT naming the company you dealt with,you are doing all OSO members a disservice.How will we know NOT to bring our toys to this establishment,if we dont know who it is. I don't believe in bashing,but you did create the post,and I think it's only fair to let the members know.That's where the JUSTICE will come in
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You know, it has become cheaper and easier to go buy the parts and do it yourself. I mean anything at all that breaks. It is cheaper and a lot less headaches. Even if it takes me 3 tries at least I will get it right and I won't even sleep until it is. Even buying specialty tools that you may only use once is worth it. I have found I can use them to help others and feel good I saved someone else from these monkeys. I used to be a nice guy and not burn bridges. Now I get whatever they have safe at home then I really get in their face. I get them so mad that I go home feeling good. I am sure they would burn whatever it is that was there if I did not get it first . I will not be taken and I will have the last word. Period.
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I agree with DONZIMITCH 100%-- You should see my garage right now. My truck motor is all over it. Do it yourself and it will be done right the first time and for less $.
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I couldn't afford to own a boat if I had to pay someone else to work on it.

I definitely couldn't afford one that was as particular and picky as I am. I can always learn from them though.
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I am SO on the verge of getting out of boating because I'm tired of working on it, but there is nobody around here I can trust.
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Troutly- I figured someone would follow the trail of birdseed. The reason I did not write the name is that there are very few places to go on the West coast already. After reading this post you need not worry about where not to go. I posted the name of where you should go. There is no disservice to members buy adding what could be misconstrued as Slander (This is SoCal "Home of the Frivolous Lawsuit") only the service of saying who my first choice would be. Not all of us in the industry tell you what you want to hear to get the initial sale and turn things around later. I have a feeling there are going to be a few changes in the industry. I think Dan is right on track, he is one person that I do not question when he says it will cost more to do it right. Again, I have sent him many people in the last year nd NOBODY has complained.
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I have heard nothing but great things about Team Archer Marine!!! I stopped in for some riser gaskets there when working on Nickslicks boat and the guy was really accomodating and we talked for a while. Nice people and they seem to not overload the word day so they feel rushed to finish projects. I give two big thumbs up for them. Troutly I also was thinking the same thing as you on that one

Put your best foot forward!
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Thumbs up

Team Archer Marine...Dan is the Man

This guy has made boating much easier, when there is a problem it get's fixed right away, when the bill comes you pay for the exact time and parts, and he shows you the old parts that he replaced

Dan has a great reputation with alot customers, I found out about Dan thru my fellow SCOPE members with all the big power and brought Dan my single engine 29 SCARAB and was given the same good treatment as he gives the big dogs

I know this sounds like a plug, but Dan really has taken the stress out of dealing with boat repairs

Just thought I would share that for those of you looking to get rid of the boat repair stress
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