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JB Hooks at LOTO worst restaurant ever!

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Angry JB Hooks at LOTO worst restaurant ever!

Ok I don't ever complain about service or food as I understand how tough it is to get good people to work at these places but...

I just had the worst most unbelievable experience I have ever had at any restaurant I have ever been to, and being 47 and traveled all over the world I have been to a few!

Long story wife and her friend went to JB Hooks in the afternoon for a drink after shopping, etc. Before they even sat down they were pushy about what they wanted to drink and big deal but they thought it was odd. Later on I decided to join them for dinner. We had a couple drinks and appetizers, then ordered dinner. We decided to split a KC strip steak which they did. We ordered the KC because the guys sitting next to us had them and they were thick and looked great. When ours came it was cut length wise and about 1/2 to 3/4 thick. After tasting them, they were tough and tasted horrible. I raise beef for a living and know what even a decent steak tastes like....this was not good. The manager on duty did show up and ask how everything was, but it was just after we were served and we hadn't tasted the steak yet. Jen didn't eat hers and I choked half of mine down since I didn't want to order again. I asked to speak to the manager and told him about the steaks. He immediately became defensive and asked what was wrong with them, to which Jen replied it tastes bad, taste it, and he immediately cut a piece off her her steak and ate it, telling her it was delicious!
He ended up telling us we just wanted a free meal and he was going to call the cops! He threatened me...I lost it and called him a couple names (don't mess with my wife!) to which he then wanted me to go to the parking lot and handle it there!!

I got everyone out of there and called back to ask the managers name. He answered and threatened me again and wanted me to come back and fight him!
Wow, JB Hooks used to be class act and now it's the bottom of the barrel!
I will never go there again and you can bet if I can ever find the owner I will let them know how well they are represented by the idiot in charge.
Sorry for the rant but I still can't believe what just happened!
I post this here so if anyone comes to the Shootout you can avoid this place at all costs! Go to Baxters insted, they treat you like humans there.

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you just can't fix stupid and sounds like that manager was full to the brim with it...
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dropped u a message on mwbp of how to reach the owner, lmk if u cannot find it is offline  
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Wow, that is just unbelievable. It's been years since I've been there. I thought the food and service were good then, but overpriced and a lot of what I paying for was the atmosphere.
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I stopped ordering steak in restaurants years ago. It is just too unpredictable and I can cook my own tenderloins from Costco on the grill just how I like them.
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I stopped going there a few years ago because the place was dirty all the time and the food and service was just so-so. Loved their view from the patio but it just wasn't worth it anymore.
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Originally Posted by SummerObsession View Post
He answered and threatened me again and wanted me to come back and fight him!
Someday he's gonna pull that on the wrong guess is that'll be the end of that routine.
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It's funny how these people get all spun up when you tell them their food isn't that great. Same experience at the Red Oak in Coronado, CA a few years back. Supposedly the place specialized in prime rib. Well, being from Wisconsin where most country bars can do a decent prime rib special on the weekend I thought I would give it a try. When the gay waiter asked me how it was and I told him it tasted like crap he got all butt hurt saying it was their specialty. I told him if it was, then they were in the wrong business.
Word of mouth will take the place at LOTO down a notch and the owner will realize his poor choice of management help has cost him his will be even tougher to regain the trust of customers after that tyope of incident.
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Sounds like the same old chity restaurant as 80% of the other lake restaurants in the country. I guess its the lack of year around consistent business that keeps the best servers, managers, and cooks from serving at a lakefront restaurant.
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What ever happened to the customer is always right? I agree with Indy. I would love to be there the day he pulls that on the wrong person. What comes around goes around, he'll get his one day.
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