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Default Well partner...

...congrats! I knew you could fix it.

Originally posted by jr
...The next step is to experiment with the high level inputs and see if they are usable. I an using the Y cables now with experimenting with the line level inputs but my gain is maxed out because I'm spliting the voltage. I'm not getting the output I should. If I can use the high inputs and still get no noise then thats the way to go. Then the line level inputs will go to the 2 channel amp...
As for the high level inputs, I would use them only as a last resort. That little amp inside the head unit is probably running about 10% distortion, and that distortion will get amplified, where the low level inputs won't have that problem.

When you split the RCA's is the signal degraded? Have you tried it without the splitter? The reason I ask is that some head units have a lower voltage output than the range the amps are adjustable it may not be the splitter. Splitting the RCA's should not result in splitting the voltage...

A cleaner way may be to boost the signal...I like using an EQ.

Passive EQ's are cheap enough these days...and it gives you multiple bass and treble controls, sub control, ect, and the low level outs you need....I find that I am tweaking mine based on what CD is playing...very handy...never touch the head unit anymore.

...or you could just bridge that 4-channel amp...

Side note- There has been much debate on the installer's forums about good vs cheap RCAs. Carsound did a comparision, and found little difference between "Radio Shack" type RCA's and "Monster Cable" type (twisted) RCA's. However, I've found over the years that the pounding a boat takes, the cheap RCA's will get brittle at the for longevity, it's always good to make sure the RCA's aren't binded or bent...or they will not be happy after a couple years of pounding...

Good luck!

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