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99Hammer 07-19-2002 09:29 AM

Marvel Mystery Oil
Has anyone Used it as an oil additive in thier boat? Works great on motorcycles.

THRILLSEEKER 07-19-2002 09:33 AM

Sorry but I have somewhat of a dilema about putting something in my boat that is called "mystery oil" but I have talked to a lot of people that swear by it in their trucks.

PANTERA LOVER 07-19-2002 10:16 AM

I use it all the time and it seems to work great. I have never had any problems, was turned on to it by someone who used it in their boat, swore by it and started me on it.


Kirkules 07-19-2002 11:54 AM

I use it on my snowmobile, outboard engine and winterize my boat with it.

Mix it with straight 30 wt.

I swear by it!

Budman 07-19-2002 12:21 PM

What kind of benefits have you seen from it? Any actual anecdotal evidence that it works as claimed?

Kirkules 07-19-2002 12:37 PM

My snowmobiles have never had engine problems due to not fogging them in the fall. Just mix the oil with 30 wt., take out the plugs, pour in a cap full, pull the rope a few times and put the plugs back in. In fall start it up, let it run, then put in new plugs. Snowmobiles are notorious for burning up crank bearings if not winterized properly.

I do the same thing to my outboard engine. The sucker starts on the second pull each spring. Its a 7.5 Evinrude 1980ish.

I pour the mix down the carb on the Sea-Ray each fall while the engine is running.

So, I do not see any benifits except I feel my toys are being properly maintained, and the MMO is part of it.

I've been using it for eons! If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

Mark in So. MD 07-19-2002 05:24 PM

I use in all of my vehicles oil. Never tried the boat engine, but will when i get another one.

You can you burn it in your Outboards(2cycle)? Havent heard of that but I dont know.

Also it says you can put it in your fuel, anyone ever tried that?

PANTERA LOVER 07-19-2002 05:34 PM

I use it in my fuel, works great.


cuda 07-19-2002 05:53 PM

I've used it to free three different siezed engines, two on boats, and one on a jet ski. I fill the cylinders with it and let it soak. I've used it many other ways too, and I love the smell of it. :)

Laveyman 07-20-2002 06:15 AM

Okay, so lots of folks use it in differnt ways. But...Just what does it do that makes you so happy with it? :confused:

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