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merkfalc 07-24-2013 06:31 AM

I like the older formulas, thinking about a 242 but I want one with a bravo for future upgrades. The SR-1 is pretty sweet, and I don't imagine it will lose much value. What do y'all think about just buying something with cash and no financing? Is it a good idea to find an older boat and just repair things as they break?

jwp 07-24-2013 07:02 AM This boat is really clean. It needs nothing done to it everything works. The last time I had the merc tool hooked up, it had 178 hours on it. If you want to upgrade it I also have a spare 502.

I will be taking some better pictures of the inside, the camera didn't like the sun

I will take 16k... You will not find one in better condition, It looks brand new

ChargeIt 07-24-2013 11:39 AM

I would suggest something slightly smaller in the 26-28' range with a single BB.
There is not much extra room in a smaller hull when you start squeezing in two motors, which makes maintenance more difficult. Not to mention twice as expensive.
Find something with a 502 or 496. If it only runs 65 don't sweat it. It will have more room and comfort than your 22BR but you will not completely give up the ability to do water sports. (not that twins prevent watersports but they are far less common)

Get familiar with how a larger boat handles and swings at the dock then if you are financially ready take the next step into a 33ish with twins.

Mid/Late season is a great time to buy. People are motivated to sell, lake test is still possible (always lake test). You will be excited about the new purchase and probably use it later in the season anyway. It also gives you the winter to work on any bugs that are bothering you.

Donzi Dude 07-24-2013 11:56 AM

I just sold a 93 formula 271 Sr1 single 502 mag runs about 60 with the four blade prop it had
Good on fuel good looking boat lots of fun and can be found in good shape in the mid to upper teens in price
One of these would make a great first boat for someone.

On Time 07-24-2013 12:26 PM

Sounds like you need a 271 Formula with 496, 500, or 525. Just keep looking until you find the right one for the right price. Its a great single engine boat. I almost bought one upgrading from our '87 Formula 242LS. The 242 has a great ride for its size if you like it just be sure to get a survey because we had to fix a rotted transom. Instead of the 271 we ended up with a Baja 33 Outlaw which is a fine starter twin but yes its a twin.

Stuckonstupid 07-24-2013 12:29 PM

As your first boat, I would definitely go with a single big block. I'm not disagreeing the benefits to having 2 motors, but 2 motors is twice the cost across the board. I have owned several single engine boats and 2 2 engine boats and am currently in a velocity 280 and I love it. It's got a blown 548 and a bravo Xr, it does 80+ when I want to and cruises at 50 and is relatively easy on the fuel budget. Good luck in your search.

Toofast 07-24-2013 02:30 PM

Just an fyi on the financing. The Farm Bureau credit union has rates of 3.99% for 10yrs right now.

Nightlife1970 07-24-2013 02:43 PM

Originally Posted by merkfalc (Post 3963937)
Yeah, I'm not really sure where he came up with 100.

I've been thinking of getting something a little older where i can just pay cash not worry about any payments. I really like the older style boats more so than the new ones, but I don't want to have to worry about the maintenance on something older. Really like the old formulas and chris craft speed boats of the 70's. I'll keep searching, maybe something will come available.

Don't know where you plan to boat, but you have the truck to pull a twin engine. Have you looked at the Baja 280's? 30 OLA with twins. Good boat for sloppy great lakes area's. Easy to drive as it is a straight v. Runs right around the 70 mark with 454 mags. Classic lines that you said you like and prices in the low 20's to high teens.

Sydwayz 07-24-2013 03:26 PM

If I were buying an entry level boat, I'd look at how I was going boating.

If you are going boating alone, weekdays, or other times/places when there are not a lot of other boats out...
You need a single that is very reliable in both engine and drive. (This will probably be a newer and smaller boat and/or with lower hours)
A twin that is moderately reliable, enough that you could always idle home on the second engine/drive. (This will probably be a little larger boat, a bit older with more hours.)

I'd aim for something you will not outgrow immediately. My first was a 26' Sonic with a 500EFI. The boat handled water that a lot of others in that size range didn't do as well; and the power package was enough to excite me and keep me in it so I didn't rush into a 4-foot upgrade immediately.

Good luck.

Stretch of your budget definitely, but you will stay in this boat for a while:

26' Sonic in Texas and in budget:

uncle_ugly 07-24-2013 05:09 PM

Originally Posted by merkfalc (Post 3963821)
I was looking through the threads and noticed it has been awhile since an entry level thread was started. I'm wondering what the newest consensus is? I have about 12k cash and would finance the rest. I noticed people suggest a bone stock twin screw between 25-30'. Is that really feasible with someone that hasn't had a boat longer than a BR 22'? I'll be doing all maintenance myself, and I'm only wanting to hit 70. Any suggestions? I've been looking at the Powerquest, they seem to be a pretty decent boat. Thanks for any direction.


I have a 25' checkmate convincor single 454mag for sale (nice boat)

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