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Don't order any apparel from Powerboat Magazine!!!

Old 08-01-2002, 09:29 PM
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Originally posted by Consintracy
They charged my credit card IMMEDIATELY though!!

If you do not challenge charges on your credit card bill within 60 days, you usually lose the right to handle the matter through the credit card company. If time is dwindling, write (do not call) your credit card company and dispute the charge. If the items appear, you can always drop the claim. Read the back of your most recent card statement to learn your CC company's policy on disputed charges and the time periods to challenge.
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Here is our bad deal for the month:
9 July, ordered a strap, 3 day ground.
15 July no strap, call, they said the distributor did not ship, it is on the way, should have by 20th.
1 Aug nothing!

I am not sweating it though, with AMERICAN EXPRESS you the consumer is always right, I call and they instantly remove any questionable charge, no letters, no more calls, instant credit to my card etc.
I have been AMEX since 1987, the annual fee is worth the "no hassle."
I have found Visa/MC is too big a hassle.

Thanks for the post, I was considering one of the PB hats. I'll skip it.

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Originally posted by H2Xmark
do Any of you remember the poster from powerboat with the twin towers in the background, well my two took 13 weeks to come in,

at least you got yours
I never received it
after getting a written letter tehy said we ran out

But they did not run out of money because they kept mine
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the twin tower poster took me 2 weeks

cigarette orders a few days
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Old 08-01-2002, 10:19 PM
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I think we need more OSO Stuff!!!
OSO rules.
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apparel???? whats that????

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I agree with FLYlevel i think we do need more oso stuff. I ordered stuff from powerboat last year and didnt have any problems with them.
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I enjoy reading Powerboat Magazine but their promotional department sucks. Last Novermber they ran a special on a calander if you renewed your subscription early. I ordered the calander for myself plus one for my son with a new subscription for him and a renewal for myself. After many calls and promises from Powerboat I finally received my calander in March 2002.

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For Power JOKE Mag. it sounds like "Par for the course"!
All arrogance and out of touch with their readers!
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