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How to get ins. for a boat operated by kids?

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Default How to get ins. for a boat operated by kids?

I am having trouble finding insurance for my house, rental houses, boat and my sonís boat. My primary residence was struck by lightning in June of 98 and was a total loss. Six months to the day one of my rental properties had a kitchen fire caused by the tenant. My present insurance company is no longer doing business in the state of Kentucky so when my policies expire they will not be renewing them. I have been shopping for homeowners insurance but all of the companies I have checked with will not write a policy as I have had two claims. They are only insuring people who have not made any claims. Its not like I willed the lightning to hit my house.

My boat insurance is a rider on the house or something like that. The problem with boat insurance is that I am looking to insure a 14ft aluminum boat I bought for my kids who are 10 and 12. My boat has never had a claim on it. The agent told me that there is not a company around that will insure a boat, jet ski etc. that will be operated primarily by minors. Are all of these damn jet skis, ATVís etc with kids at the controls not insured? My kids are probably safer than most adults and have passed their Coast Guard certification. Does anyone have insurance for kids operating jet skis or small boats? Any ideas on an agent that may be able to write a policy for three house, two boats, two vehicles? Never had a claim on a vehicle or house until the lightning strike and kitchen fire.

Seems like insurance is a scam. If you ever used it with company A, company B will not write you a policy. I often here of people being dropped after having a claim. What a racket.
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Have you talked to Farm Bureau? As you wellknow, I could be known as "the King of Claims" with the kind of luck I had the last few years. They have always been very responsive. Might be able to get cheaper rates somewhere else, but I don't want to end up with someone who will leave me out in the cold when something happens.
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I know we have ours through an umbrella policy, cars, boats, seadoos, everything. It may cost you out the ass to get full coverage, but its worth it. We just setteled a couple of [email protected]%&? law suits. Thank God for our policy.

Also, I think you right I would say 95% of 20K value and below watercraft are not insured.
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My insurance man told me to insure my boats and watercraft for myself. If my kid happened to be driving it, then he would be covered.

Everything I have is insured. Even the boogers I flick out my car windows. It is just irresponsible to go uninsured especially since your family will be the ones suffering when you get sued and they end up living out of a suitcase in a cheap motel when you finish paying the lawsuit.

Check with your insurance man (or a new one) to see if your kid is covered if he is driving your boat and has a claim. You are just asking for a denial by trying to insure the kid as the priary operator.
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