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Originally Posted by 12meter joe View Post
I Have 1050's on 496 strokers and they idle, cruise, and wot just fine. I mostly cruise at 3800rpms and they never miss a beat. Third season without touching them so the problem is not the carb size but not set up properly. How to set them up, that I don't know. Lol I pay someone to do all that.
Joe, the Dominators are too big assuming you don't have a wild cam with a ton of over lap. I just dynoed a 496 with a middle of the road Comp cam and the motor made decent power with a 800CFM Holley. For $hits and giggles I pulled the 800 off the motor and installed one of my shop 750 Ultra HP carbs. This test was only five minuets apart from each other so baro, and humidity didn't change. The motor made 50 more Ft.Lbs. of torque at 3500 and 40 more HP RPM at 5000 RPM. I couldn't believe it. As i was reviewing the test numbers I noticed that the engine was still consuming the same amount of CFM of air as the 800 so I knew we were not running out of carburetor. I removed the 750 and installed my 650 and ran another three more tests. Same torque numbers, and it only made 3 less HP. These were fresh out of the box carbs. I did not have to touch them for idle, jetting, power valves......anything. The other thing that REALLY intreaged me was the next morning when I came in to make a few more pulls (it still had the 650 on it) the engine started right up on the first crank. No choke, I didn't have to pump the throttle, nothing. It just fired right up. Holley got their crap together on the new Ultra series.

This was a great way to illustrate to our customer that when it comes to carbs bigger is not always better.

What does this have to do with you? Even if you don't believe me and want to try a smaller carb and decide to shop for a new carb the Ultra Dominators just came out and they are really trick. I would install them on my 525SC's if I wasn't going to go EFI this winter.

Good Luck!
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lets think about this a little. everyone feel free to chime in... list if you can things that make fuel dump. i will start the list. then after we get our list together lets think about things that can just all of a sudden go bad to make fuel dump. then we can help this guy figure out what his carb builder didnt replace after he blew out the jets cleaned the bowls and said it was a rebuild

1) power valve
2) needle and seat.
3) orings around needle
4) fuel pressure too high( but that is ruled out since his other carb worked from the other motor)
5) float height ( but this usually doesnt change on its own from day to day)
6) jets (but those didnt change themselves or get bigger overnight either)
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I didn't want to start a debate on whether 1050s are better then others or not. The guy asked for help about his 1050 carb and a few mentioned they were junk. All I was saying is that's just not true because mine have been fine for a long time now. I am no means an expert on carbs and can't help him with the problem which is what the whole point of this thread was. Didn't mean to ruffle any feathers. My bad.
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engine may be a little small for that carb. im by no means an expert on carbs but I will tell you that I have a 1050 on a n/a 565 and the motor runs great. no choke and starts idles and runs like a champ. absolutely no issues with mine. knock on wood but it runs like any older mercruiser carb engine ive ever seen. with pump gas (super) it pushes my 24 htm ss24 102mph and totally driveable in and out of gear at idle with no throttle inputs. 1.5 gears 30" prop. I know this doesn't really help but just saying what mine does. best of luck tuning it.
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Make sure your power valves are tight. Sometimes the gaskets will compress and they will get loose. Also use carb. cleaner to blow out the air bleeds. Make sure the throttle plates are open the same amount front&rear.
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I don't think anyone is caling the Dominator junk.
I have one on my 496 drag motor which works just fine, but I spin it to 6800 RPM's.
Unless it is idling, it never sees less than 5000.
That's what it was designed for.
I hope he can figure out his problem with what we have told him to check.
As far as all of the posts about not being his best option - if I had a drag motor that I had 2 1/4" primary headers on and a bunch of people with header experience told me that 1 7/8 would work better and be cheaper to buy, I would CONSIDER that info the next time I bought headers.
I wouldn't change them out until they needed it though.
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you can gain 25-30 hp all day on a HP500 switching to a dominator from a 850. so i wouldnt say a 1050 in a 500ci engine is overkill. lack of carb tuning knowledge and ability is typically the problem when people cant get a dominator to run or say its overkill.
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Appreciate all if the responses - not my boat so I kept relaying the info back to the owner and another friend that was rebuilding the carb. The first time they took it apart and cleaned it they didn't let the carb cleaner soak in enough. They said they cleaned it again and got a bunch of deposits out of the idle circuit. And yes these carbs are on some big motors pushing a big old Baja!
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