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ATTENTION Ladies and Gentlemen!!!ANNOUNCMENT!!!!

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SR-24 it was a guess
Trouble shooting across the internet with no pics and no hands on and no hearing it run is next to impossible
those pushrods were F**ed UP!!!
I am still wondering how in the hell it even could start up and run!
blows me away
Some of the pushrods were about 3/4 to an inch below the underside of the rocker arm at rest on the cam
you could not hear them clanking around, no valve tap no nothing but she ran and just had a pop out the carb
but yes she is now in need of some minor things (steering is really way way tight)
Shifters are really tight too but hell, she can get out there now!!!
Ill get crackin on the steering problem (maybe some grease on the rod out of the steering box on the transom) and see if that clears it up
Maybe the helm behind the steering wheel needs some grease as well I dont know
but whatever it is, I can still get her out there WOOHOO
Thanks for all your help
AC, I dont have that trust built up in her yet so after she gets a few hours on her then ill try to muscle her down to Chesapeake but hopefully Ill be able to meet up with you guys down there or get a group together and zip on down and meet at one of those places down there for lunch or whatever.
Hope to see you all soon
PS ill make the MPG movie file tonight and see if I can get some webspace up somewhere and post it on up for all to see
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Jay that is great to hear!!! The pop you hear getting on plane could be a blown power valve. Do you have Holley carbs? Since you had a backfire there is a good chance you blew a power valve if you do. The steering there is a very good chance it will work it way out with some time. I used to have cable steering boats and they were always tight at the begining of the season but after a couple runs they would loosen up. I would get back there and expose as much of the cable as you can then put PB Blast on it then move it back and fourth a couple times. If it is bound more then likely it is in the engine bay end of the cable. Also make sure when you were doin gall this work you did not move the cable and make it bend to fast. That will cause a bind as well. Your shift cables could just need to be replaced. All that said you must be pumped and the wife must be glad the cloud is gone

Put your best foot forward!
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well wife is fuming pissed cause I did not take her out on the 15 minute test drive
there was no back seat and no engine hatch on the boat so if I hit a wave or someone standing up lost their balance, engines turning around 2000-3000 RPM's could kill you.
I apologized to the wife over this but she is still really mad
How I look at it, rather have her alive and mad than glad she came out and died or got hurt hitting an engine from falling
I took out one other person that is mechanical and could watch the hoses, check for leaks ect while we were out.
was not a pleasure trip by any means
hell 15 minutes, no big deal really
Ill try to work on the steering issues this week and see if it needs a blast of PB or grease up the rod and cable if possible
I did insert a hose for the bilge blower behind the steering cable and it did move it from its origional resting place but not by that much at all
Maybe ill pull that out and put it on the other side of the steering cable and see if that does help it out or not.
I did have the gimbal ring and swivel shaft replaced earlier in the year so maybe that is really tight I dont know.
there is that grease fitting on top of the outside of the transom assembly right above the drive, maybe ill hit that too and grease up the swivel shaft if that was over looked by the marina.
It was a great feeling to finally see her out there and idling around and getting up on plane.
Now if I can change the oil, fix the steering problem and get everything squared away and put back seats in and cover on, can take out the wife and some friends and go for a nice relaxing cruise down town Philly area.
Time to have fun with this and not be working on it every waking moment anymore!!!
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Old 08-05-2002, 02:00 PM
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Oh and im running the stock quadra jets
It did it one time on start up
and one time while out on water revving around 2500 or there abouts
Did not seem to hurt anything just sort of starteled me and Russ.
She seemed fine before it and after it.
The back fire was out of the exhaust not out the carb as well
no klunks, no knocks, no erratic idle nothing
no trace it even did it
I have to put the timing light on them again and just triple check they are timing exactly right.
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Old 08-05-2002, 02:21 PM
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Glad to hear it Jay, I've been following your story all along, and learned alot from it. Thanks for keeping us posted on your rollercoaster ride, It was all worth it in the end, it always is
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Old 08-05-2002, 11:22 PM
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Jayl13, Things are looking up!! As you put it WOOHOO! . Get the other things squared away and we'll meet you and of course you're wife, don't leave her at home this time, for a celebratory drink! (Is that even a friggin' word) Chesapeake Inn is'nt that far is it, how about that family restuarant up in Philly......Hooters! I hear thats a nice place!!
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Hooters was shut down ....i heard a couple differnt reasons why

Looks like the D&B, The Du, or Cock Lobster.....Were you want to go Jay?
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Monkeynadulations on a job well done! One lesson for anyone following this is that any valve train mods/combinations have to be checked carefully. The big block chevy can and will eat up cams if all the correct incantations and sacrifices are not performed.

I would re-check rocker clearances carefully for a while. Cam lobes can go south and leave glitter in the oil, and you won't hear a thing until it's way too late. If you have access, maybe have a test lab check your oil a couple of times. And dumping that GM EOS (engine oil supplement) in the oil would be a good idea. It contains anti-scuffing additives which could help the cams break-in properly.

Can't wait for the Video!!!!!

Good Luck
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Who was the bonehead engine builder whho didn't check this? Didn't he even turn it over once? You're an expert at pulling engines, ready to open your side business so you can get to that 38' Cig.
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Thanks guys
Yeah im a real pro at engine pulling now
Got RCM255's engine out in all of about 10 minutes
Damn single engine bastards have it so easy
also no swim platform bastards have it so easy

Anyway, Yeah things are looking up, Have this steering issue to take care of, and set the idle speed back down to around 700
or so,
The engine builder had one of his nubs do the heads and there were 4 shims under the rotater plate
damn springs were sitting up about 3/8ths of an inch
so we took the roatater plate out, put one shim in there, put a little stronger intake spring doubled up in there, and checked it all with a micrometer, bumped the engine for a while to see where each valve was seating and the rockers were in conjunction to the springs and the valves and how much clearance the coils on the springs had when fully compressed
I am going to get some goofy additive and put that in there on both engines to help it break in, but as far as I can tell now, from running it in the river for 15-20 minutes
she is broken in (cams are anyway)
I still have to take it easy for a while so if you all want to meet up at Dave and busters this weekend that is cool but it is going to take me a little while to get down there, cant go WOT or even close to that as of yet but im workin on it
Max last time was 3000 rpm's
Maybe this time I can take it to 3500-3800 and just take it easy for now
I want to lay into it but after the disaster that started this whole mess I have a MAJOR respect for this and I want to build up a trust relationship with it.
Also Ill admit im scared of it
Close to 1000 HP and all these nut jobs out there running over their wives and stupid drunks and hell if something just decides to break, it is a chance we all take and Im just wanting some seat time before I go hog wild and lay into it like I did before
Just being safe is all
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