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If you are a Verizon Wireless customer, check your bill VERY carefully!!!!

Old 08-11-2002, 11:04 AM
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Waterfoul.......same here. I though I would try Verizon when they had those great deals, 2phones with 3000hours and you only had to pay $35 for the Nokia phones, and walk out the door.

Well, first bill came in wanting $300 EACH for the phones, which was a mistake, but they said they would fix it.

Next month, got a late notice for the $600 on the phones, OR, they would disconnect.

Get a letter in the mail again about the late charge on the bogus phone cost. SO, on the one day that we needed to make an emergency road call the phones were dead.

Needless to say the word MAD was an understatment. Took everything back to the store in a plastic bag and basically told them they could use the whole package as a suppository. Never, never again for them. Back to SprintPCS, which is great!
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Old 08-11-2002, 11:12 AM
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Get rid of the car phone !!!!!!! Just can't justify the bill for what I would use it. Question: If I get a phone and the contract says that I get 1000 minutes for $50.00 per month. Now I only used the phone for 400 minutes one month, does the the unused 600 minutes go toward the next month? If not why you paid for them. Car phones are great and they really do help some people out but they are an extra bill for most people.Just a thought!
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I have had to call for the last three months and get my bill corrected. Of course I dont use that many minutes but they still add on charges.. I went to a new plan.. 300/4000, they forgot to put the 4000 off peak mins on my plan.. go figure.

What did we do when you only had rotary dial phones?? and no computers..

Times a wasting.


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Now I may not be right here, but I do have Verizon and to the best of my knowledge you pay for getting and retrieving* voice mail messages (*if you retrieve it from your cell phone). So it wouldn't matter if you were on the phone at the time, or the phone was turned off, or you just didn't answer it and you were left a voice mail, it will cost you airtime for that message being left.

They aren't billing you twice for something. They are billing you for two seperate things that are occuring at the same time.

Let me know if Verizon tells you otherwise, so I can go over my bill and get some credit.
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Old 08-11-2002, 05:55 PM
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I simply questioned their ability to charge me for the exact same minute twice. To me it seems like that should be wrong. I also was never told that I got charged air time minutes for someone to LEAVE me a message, whether my phone was on, I was using it, or I just didn't answer it. This also seems wrong to me. Screw the consumer in every way possible is the way I see it. If I didn't depend on my cell phone so much, I wouldn't have one. I feel taken advantage of, and I guess my business ethics just don't jive with Verizon's.

Did you also know that your air time minute starts the second you push the send button, not when the call is connected?? If someones phone wrings 4 times before they answer it, you just wasted 30 seconds of air time.

Oh, and why do the refer to it as "free voicemail" then??? There is nothing free about it except they don't charge you up front for it as a feature. In effect, they are charging you for it EVERY time you use it or someone else uses it by leaving you a message. False advertising if you ask me.
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Waterfoul, I agree. I had Verizon awhile ago, switched to Nextel, then switched back to Verizon. When I went back to Verizon I was under the impression that The voice mail was free (becuase it said so in the literature and the sales***** told me it was), I was more than just a little confused and pissed when the first bill came and I saw that I was being charged for this "free" feature.
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Old 08-11-2002, 11:12 PM
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my older plan I pay 2.95 for voicemail
I dont get charged for messages or retreival but if I sign up for
one of those new plans that would change too whats happing to Waterfoul
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