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How 'bout a little less negativity?


How 'bout a little less negativity?

Old 12-18-2013, 07:06 PM
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Originally Posted by ICDEDPPL
I know why there is so much negativity here in the winter, it`s cause you guys don`t live in Florida the greatest state in the Union, you could be boating right now! Let me post a few pics of me boating, did I mention you can go boating tomorrow if you lived in Florida, here`s some more pics of my boat in the water In Florida , where its warm while the rest of the states are Antartica.
Wanna see me working on my pool pump in Florida where its warm this time of year, I`ll post our 5 day forecast just to show you guys its warm here in Florida,
You know why you`re so negative? Cause I`m fixing my pool pump and going boating later and you`re all mad cause your FU^%$#ing pool is FROZEN and your pool pump EXPLODED!!!
Not me I live in Florida where its warm and after I fix this pump.. it I`m going boating!! Did I mention I~m going boating??
I`ll post a pic incase you didn`t understand that I went boating.
Not you thou, your lake is a Frozen ANTARTICA $hithole! If all of OSO just lived in Florida, (where its warm ) there would be peace and happiness in the world and no negativity!!
haha - you beat me too it! I was going to post the same type of response.
Being from New England, I was also going to include this link for laughs

Merry xmas (or whatever you celebrate)!!
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Old 12-19-2013, 09:37 PM
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He is just sad because he has to go down into the basement and look at an Arctic Cat...
Put your best foot forward!
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I miss the Chill Outs! They were a blast.

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the gatherings of people from the internet world are/were great. boat shows, pool parties etc.... I remember heading to dreamers place after the Cleveland boat show one year, trying to follow wrinkleface thru construction detours, with a malfunctioning gps in the middle of a blizzard, then there is carrying a passed out drunk chick thru the hotel lobby at a pool party. There is a youtube video out there somewhere almost running over a bicycle cop, while drunk in a stolen (er borrowed, we took it back and they did leave the keys in it) golfcart. Definitly had some good times.

If you want happenings to happen, you have to make them happen. The board is corporate now, its not going to be putting on parties. So its up to the members now.
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Originally Posted by phragle

If you want happenings to happen, you have to make them happen. The board is corporate now, its not going to be putting on parties. So its up to the members now.
Should have another "Cleveland" area get together. I could probably coerce a couple members to come...
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Originally Posted by Sydwayz
Hmm, I was thinking about reviving the Winter Chill-Out one more time. Maybe do it in conjunction with the Miami Boat Show?
Any more thought on this in Richmond? With the return of Jammin on the James and the return of the Winter Chill Out would make for the Start of a Great Year!!!
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