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Screw it! I am selling my cig and buying a Bayliner

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People really don't care, Thrill. I've got a 32' Sunsation and I was rafted up at the JobbieNooner party in June, had all my bumpers out and was tied up nicely on the port side. Nobody was on the starboard yet. I waded in to the island for awhile and when I came back to the boat there was someone tied up on the starboard now. No big deal I thought. When I climbed up into my boat, I noticed his bumpers, which were about 2 inches in diameter, were hanging down below the rub rail by a few inches. Now of course the boat was old, faded purple with, get this, SPRAY painted white lightning bolts and had a METAL rub rail. The screws, yes screws, were also not flush in the metal rub rail and proceeded to gouge and scratch my deck above the rub rail. Nice. There's no reasoning, some people don't care and no matter what you do, they never will.

I think the idea of the Crown is good one!
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This weekend had some numbnut F..k with the winch on my trailer. He/She must have unwound about ten feet, then proceeded to manually half hitch the cable around the drum, then attached the hook to the trailer and wind the cable so tight I had to hang from the handle inorder to get the latch on the winch drum released. Then I had to proceed and unwind most of the cable to get it all straighened out. Some joke...pecker head. Then while I'm doing this a guy almost rams the dock, I give him a hand coming in, and he forgets to take the boat out of reverse and misses running his stern into my boat when it turned sideways to the ramp. Man I need to get a well. This in and out stuff is for the birds.
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Formula...yeah it happened at Mazuriks. I guess I should have taken Scott's advice and used the Sandusky ramp
I think I will start setting up road cones conected by yellow police line tape all around my truck and trailer with a big sign hanging on it that says STAY THE HELL AWAY!
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I guess you need to tape around your boat too, huh. Seriously, at Sandusky they even have a seperate parking lot up on top for all the large offshore trailers and rigs. That way the fisherman can use the lower lots and there is less chance of crashes. I used to leave my truck and formula trailer there all the time. The ramp is also half as steep and twice as long and there are 4 of them. The only bad new there is the water cops hang out there and if you are real loud they will hassle you.
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BURNZMAZZ, because of the issues with parking and theivery, I don't re-paint my trailer and it does have some rust on it. BUT, it is in perfect working condition. Brakes, lights, coupler, bunks, etc.... Looks like a 1987 trailer because it is a 1987 trailer. I know several guys with nice new shiny trailers under their older boats and two of them have had their trailers damaged at the ramp while they were out boating. I have never been able to justify a new trailer when this one gets me to the lake like it's supposed to.

Thrillseeker, time to do some hunting??? It's inconsiderate people like that that give the boaters a bad name. Sucks that there are people out there who would damage your stuff and then not let you know about it with a note or something.
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Don't buy a Bayliner, we have enough of them around here.
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