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tanned fat looks better 08-20-2002 02:11 PM

283Check..does your wife know you took a friend to the lake?
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you sure had a good time...i hope she doesn't get mad.

Risk Taker 08-20-2002 02:19 PM


283CHECK 08-20-2002 02:21 PM

Now, now Tanned. You need to tell the truth, I was just helping the young lady hide her embarrassment when she lost her top as she was crossing boats. But I won't tell Lake Chick that she was riding with you!!!:eek:

Mrs 283Check 08-20-2002 02:23 PM


H20 Cowgirl 08-20-2002 02:24 PM


283CHECK 08-20-2002 02:28 PM

she says she laughin but you should see the email I got from her . Tanned you better load up your boat and your wallet for the shoot out.....cuse your buyin:D :D

Mrs 283Check 08-20-2002 02:40 PM

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You should of seen what happened after her boyfriend showed up:

timucin 08-20-2002 02:47 PM


BigDaddy96 08-20-2002 03:19 PM

Which one is the boyfriend ??


283CHECK 08-20-2002 04:04 PM

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the one on the far left, he was actually happy to see her:D

Notice Tanned fat in the back ground? Looks to be gettin alittl jealous??:o :D

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