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Boating Industry Receives Another Black Eye- Buyer Beware!! >

Boating Industry Receives Another Black Eye- Buyer Beware!!


Boating Industry Receives Another Black Eye- Buyer Beware!!

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Originally Posted by j21black View Post
Me, I'm just waiting for an invite to the maiden voyage of the new boat on LKN....

Good read.....

And Congrats for making the decision to walk away from something I'm sure you really wanted....That's a tough decision to make sometimes, I've been there before, I walked away and had the owner of the car dealership call me 3 or 4 days later to try to work it out...One of the store employees informed him of what went on between the store manager and I and took it upon himself to try and make it right...By then, it was too late and I had moved on...But in the future I wouldn't hesitate to buy from that dealer just based on that simple phone call..
Integrity is high on my list, the way this went down damaged the trust & integrity immediately. In my case when I'm dealing direct w/ the owner of the company who elects to turn his cheek the decision was easy. No use for people like that based on my own ethics and the ethics of my employer. Not acceptable. Your scenario & mine are similar in the fact that an employee or contractor wronged us but I took mine to the top immediately & yours made it to the top on its own. I too would feel much differently if the CEO reached out to me after the fact w/ a sincere willingness to want to earn my business back. Unfortunately that was not the case. I even waited a week or so to see if he'd reconsider but I got nada

One of my last communications w/ the unscrupulous SE Rep was me informing him that he engaged in Unlawful & Deceptive Trade Practices forwarding him a link to the legal definition as supplied by my attorney. I received an e-mail from the CEO like that stating he got wind of this & him asking if there was anything else he could do. I replied if you are worried about being sued, don't worry no one is getting sued. Never heard from him again which IMO screams "I only really care if you are bringing legal action against me beyond that I feel no obligation to make good on what was misrepresented to you." Again my interpretation but lets face it actions speak louder than words & no action was taken from that point forward. I could have BS'd them & strung them along but I believe in saying what you mean & meaning what you say not making worthless threats you have no intention of following thru on.

As stated previously my experience w/ SportBoats Marine & Nor-tech directly is 10 fold what mine was w/ "Brand ??". That in itself has restored some of my trust & faith in the boating industry but I still approach it w/ a "Buyer Beware" mentality!

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