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BUDWEISER bends over CALLAN MARINE, Buys cover of Powerboat

Old 08-27-2002, 01:27 PM
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Didn't I say the "Miss BUD" would take the Top-gun title in a thread from a couple of months back? Bottom line is its very difficult to compete against "corporate" $$$, it will always be that lets get used to it. I agree that they need a "Hydro" class....OR seperate them by creating a dedicated class for "Turbines"..
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Curiously (i.e. exhibition boat), Villwock lined up in the start box on Saturday and ran 156mph after having trouble getting on plane. The start was changed Saturday night for the direct drive entries. The start box was extended from 50 feet to 500 feet. Racers were notified at the driver's meeting Sunday morning. It is unfortunate the rules weren't left alone. The Barcadi and Callan boat's time were substantially the same Sunday as Saturday. Miss Bud seemed to benefit far more turning the 192mph with more room to get on plane on account of the rule change. I think alot of people were surprised to see Miss Bud run competively. I am far more surprised at the rule change to the start Satuday night that only seemed to benefit one boat.
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Originally posted by Mrs 283Check
It was a fun weekend! But I would have to agree that it didn't seem very fair for Miss Bud to go and capture Top Gun when there were really no other boats of her type for competition - no other hydro boats. At least the Callen team and David Scott had a chance of beating the other. Also, they were allowing Bud to make their exhibition runs and then go back and do their competitive runs which seemed like they were getting an unfair advantage over the rest of the racers.
I totally agree
I was one of many that was waiting at the start line. One of many that sat there waiting, waiting, and more waiting for th Bud Hydro to run. And then to listen to hte radio that they will run an exhibition run and then return because they JUST now entered as a competitor boat???
Like many have said here and on another post, it was just to BUY the cover.
For how many years have they been exhibitors. And then they want to do BOTH.
Dave Scott was not allowed to run both radar and exhibitor passes. Neither was Callan. That I know of anyone. Feel free to correct me.
It did not seem fair, but corporate america has never been fair.
Good luck to those who ran and won. And to those of us who did run and not win we all are in it for the fun
I am glad I had a chance to participate in a great weekend.
This Cat is trying to keep up with the Big Dogs
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UUHH not sure the dilema here. Not being sarcastic, but whats wrong with miss Bud being Top Gun. They Were the fastest weren't they? Is it the issue of a corporate team smoking a local or undersponsored team? Fill me in if you like, but from the perspective of an out of towner who is not up on the politics of the event, it sure sounds legit.
Maybe they should not allow "professionals" enter. I dont know who callan Marine even is, are they a racing team??

From my point of view, If there were more Miss Bud or famous race boats entering, the event would only get bigger.
I hope to attend one of these years. I hear only great things. I should go soon before there is a major accident and all is cancelled with speed approaching 200mph
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I agree........................If Bacardi can be sponsored and David Scott took Bud's money for his "pleasure boat" then what's good for the goose......................

By the way..........You better all hope no drag boats show up next year..........................

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Originally posted by T2x

By the way..........You better all hope no drag boats show up next year..........................

Boats dressed up like women????
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Watching from the sidelines, it just seemed unfair the way they went about it. One could argue that it was unfair for the turbine powered Callan boat to challenge the Bacardi boat, but the Callan boat did not wait to see how the Bacardi boat was running - then decide to compete. During the course of the day it appeared that Budweiser decided they were going to win one way or another. When it was clear that the Callan boat was going to spank the Bacardi boat, Miss Budweiser went from "exhibitor" to "competitor". We all know Miss Bud is the fastest, they just should have went in as a competitor from the beginning.
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Originally posted by T2x

By the way..........You better all hope no drag boats show up next year..........................

I'm wondering .... is the speed calc'd over the whole kilo or is it the actual speed through a measured trap ....

The drag boats could idle up until the last 1\4 mile and then .............

Easy 200's

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Sounds like the "Rules" were changed on Sat. night? And Too Old is correct, in that, it's all for a good cause, and if it's now becoming "Political" then, it taints the event, and the good cause suffers!
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You know what would be funny though? What if Powerboat puts a small picture of Miss Bud on the cover in a corner with a BIG picture of the Callan Boat.... PB Magazine just said the winner would be on the cover, not how big the picture would be!
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