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What would you do?

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Post What would you do?

We recently bought a new 2001 (hold over, never sold) Cigarette Top Gun from Dick Simon Marine. Shortly after purchasing the boat we ordered a swim plateform from Extreme Marine. We recieved the Plateform and when we attempted to install it we noticed that it did not fit. After looking at the plateform for several minutes we could not figure out what the problem was.

We got the tape measure and checked the plateform and everything was perfect. We then checked the boat and discovered that the rub rail on the starboard side sticks out past the transom an inch farther than it does on the port side. This is fiberglass under the rubrail where the hull and deck meet.

I had a friend who has some connections at Cigarette make a call to them, and they said that the initial mold for the Twin Step was off and that is why the rub rail is off. They also said that this problem has since been resolved.

We asked if they would take our swim plateform which they could install on a new Top Gun in exchange for another plateform that would fit our boat. Their initial response was that we should have ordered the plateform from them and we would not have had any problems.

I don't happen to agree with this, and the reason we went with Extreme Marine over B-Bracket was because I just happened to like their plateform better. I was told that B-Bracket is the plateform manufacturer that Cigarette uses. The Extreme Marine was actually $400.00 more ($2500.00) than the B-Bracket ($2100.00).

Dick Simon Marine is attempting to help me out with this problem so I don't get stuck with a $2500. plateform that does not work, but it sounds like Cigarette does not want to help at this point. I am not asking for anything for free, and am willing to trade them my more expensive plateform for a B-Bracket if that is who they wish to use.

For the record I am not trying to flame Cigarette, we love the boat
and just want this problem resolved. Any opinions would be appreciated.
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A trade sounds fair, but cig may be leary of a (technicly) used part. This is a legal consideration for a manufacturer selling a product as new. Can your platform be modified ? Perhaps Cig would help with that expense. Good luck and congrats on such an awsome new boat.
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It sounds like you are going about it the right way. If Extreme Marine advertised this platform as a bolt on for your boat it might be a little bit of their fault for not knowing about the potential problem on some of the cigarrettes. They may be willing to take it back with a restocking fee. I would think Cigarrette would be a little more helpful considering it was their mold problem in a boat that they let leave the factory. Sounds like they were aware of the flaw. You may just have to be a "squeeky wheel" to get some attention.
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did you talk directly with someone at cigarette? if so who was it?
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Just to clear up some things..

GO4BROKE-- the swim step is new and has never been used.

Since HavasuCig is a close friend of mine, I can tell you he isn't exaggerrating at all. The port side rubrail sticks out 2" past the transom and the starboard side rubrail sticks out 3" from the transom. I have personally measured it myself. You can't lower the swimstep either, because of the Marine Machine dual Hydraulic steering rams.

There really is NO argument here--how can there be? The boat was built with the port and starboard sides different. That isn't the buyers fault. I remember the day the boat came to Dick Simon Marine, it didn't have a "warning" tag or anything to alert the buyer of this problem., but-- Cigarette knew of this problem
How would you feel if you just bought a new $300K boat and spent $2500. for a new swimstep that won't fit?????????

Just for the record-
Dick Simon Marine has been EXTREMELY helpful.
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why not just return your swimstep to Extreme and buy the correct one from bbracket..?

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Did you just tell Extreme Marine what make and model boat you had and they took it from there? The reason I ask is that they have a long list of measurements you must take for them. I'm suprised you didn't notice it then. Not that that would excuse the problem with the hull.

Extreme Marine does great work! I have a 7' beam boat with k-planes, external steering, and a curved rub rail and mine fit like a glove.
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Maybe Extream Marine can make you 1" shims that will look good and go btwn the hull and the platform? Would that work? You may even want to taper them just a bit so that one side is thicker then the other. That way the Reveal along the rub rail is correct and does not look messed up.

Put your best foot forward!
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Default screw the platform

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Extreme won't take back the swimstep. Why should HavasuCig have to pay another $2100. to have a swimstep that fits?? Extreme asked us to take some measurements on the transom for them to make the swimstep. They didn't ask for a measurement of how far the rubrail comes out past the transom. HavasuCig and I measured (twice) all the measurements that they asked. And again, the Marine Machine steering rams don't allow you to lower the swimstep to fit below the rubrail.

Dave M--are you friggin serious?? Of course they knew of the YR, make, model etc..--and all the measurements they asked for.

Troutly--- what's up buddy? DSM has been very helpful. Cigarette actually has at least 2 molds for this boat. I think they have 2 molds for every model. One with the rubrail problem (on the TS TG) and one without. I absolutely agree with you, Cig or Extreme should make it right.

I was at the Scope Poker Run this past weekend and saw Boardgod's Cigarette there (F2-69/ 2001 TS TG) and noticed that his rubrail comes out even further on both sides!! He has a swimstep that is lower than the rubrail and looks nice. He doesn't have the M.M. sterring rams in the way, so it's a easy deal for his boat.
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