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I am CURSED at LOTO....but I had a good time anyway!!

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Mrs 283Check
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Originally posted by Waterfoul
Then there's Tanned Fat's wife falling off the boat at the Salty Dog. Just simply stepped off the boat and into the water. Not anywhere near the dock, just stepped off the boat!! And yes, Al was involved in this incicent. Al Cohol that is!!!!
Just to set the record straight that wasn't Tanned Fat's wife But one of our crew did end up in the water on Saturday.

Mike, I'm glad to hear that you got your truck fixed inexpensively and got the Waterfoul back home.

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I was good to meet you and Holly, hope her ankle is gettin better.. Kept meaning to call yesterday to make sure you got your wheels back, man get rid of that thing and by a FORD...

Oh, that wasn't Taned's wife it was one of our friends that walked into the pond. She was actually not drunk, and she was upset about it..

Thanks for the invite to Mich. to go boating we are gonna take you up on that sometime!!

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Glad ya made it back mike Saw some pics of the foul in LOTO, she's looked great bud One thing we found out with dad's 220 baja ( it don't make no sense) the more weight that is in the boat the faster it will go.. we gain 2-3mph with 6 people in it.. its a strange thing i know. Well I am headed up north thursday night to start the long weekend. I think the problem child is coming home at the end of the weekend, hopefully gonna use it down here alittle and then ,if she runs all weekend I'll be happy. My computer blew up last night and I can't fix it till i get a disk from my buddie from work in the morning,so i am sitting here at my moms school in a kids chair typing LOL!

and remember the oil temp.. over trimming and sucking air thing we chatted about.. I am finally gonna get working on that issue on friday so I can run WFO and not have to worry.. Hopefully some big block guys will show up so that I can embarrass em

God day all..


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There may be a LOTO/OSO curse. Sorry to have missed most of you all that weekend. Met a few at Docknockers Friday night. Made it 4 miles toward the 10:30 am picture Sat before a fuel problem stopped that. spent the rest of the weekend with my tail in the air and my head in the engine compartment. missed the whole shootout. Doug was nice enough to pick us up for dinner sun night and give a ride in his cig. Very nice time. Put over a hundred miles on the boat the prior weekend, and it ran strong. oh well, that's boating.

ATT (if you're reading this) Saw your boat idleing towards the ramp Sun evening, and then again at the hotel parking lot in Kingdom City later that night. You have got to have one of the prettest paint jobs ever done to a boat. It's georgeous!

Hope everyone made it home safe. Look forward to a better event next time.
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WaterFoul, sorry to hear about the truck, but at least it got you home!!

Hugh, Sorry to hear about the untimely swim, but at least the water was warm!!

Troutly and JBK, Sorry to hear about the "Drunk woman mishap", but at least you saved her life!! (Did a Undertaker just say that?)

283Check, Your friend must have fell in just as we pulled up! All in all she seemed like a good sport!

It was great to see everyone again and to meet a couple more!! I wish we would have had more time to see everyone, but the Shoot-Out weekend is always a little busy!

On a good note!! After working on the Fountain for 3 weeks just to get it ready, and still working on it until we left on Thursday night. The boat ran Great!! Now all I need to do is fix a couple of ding's in the prop's, and redo the nose cones.

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Glad to hear everything stayed together. Sounds like that prop works pretty well with your boat. Congratulations Mike.
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I agree with Funhome!! It was great to see everyone again and to meet a few more people! We had a great time!

Waterfoul - I hope Holly's ankle is better! Tell her we said hi!
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Dang, I must have missed this thread earlier today or I would have posted sooner.

Lutz and I had a great time hanging out with everybody and meeting some new folks. I have to say one of the funnest things was dancing at The Salty Dog with Lori, Cyndi, friend. Oh yeah.......and Carl! Hee hee heee!!

Had a great time rafting up in the cove too. Haven't tied up in the gauntlet since last years shooutout. And i only got squirted with a watergun some guy on Frequency's boat!!!

Bobbi and I gave our best effort at drinking Turbo's. We tried to make ya proud Audio. And thanks to all the other ladies who gave a whirl on the pole. I told you it was fun!

MNFastboat....don't bring your boat to BWJ's anymore, hun. How's all your chores going at the condo? lol....j/k. We'll see you on Friday night.

Sorry we didn't get to spend much time with you and your group Troutly. Was good to see ya guys.

We'll try to post our pics soon.

P.S.....meant to say congrats to Waterfoul and MnFastboat for participating in the shootout. It really made it special to watch a friend out there. (Did ya hear us cheerin for ya?)
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Did I see Lutz manning the camera when you and the rest of the ladies where "taking a whirl"? Those ought to be some good pics. So is this weekend going to be the send off for the pole?

Had fun partying with you and all the oso folks.....can't wait to do it again.
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Lutz made sure he got a pic of each and everyone, TFLB! He's out of town till tomorrow, and i don't know how to upload pics from the digital. He showed me once, but I'm a slow learner. LOL
We will try to get them up friday before we leave for the lake.

We won't be in the cove for Labor Day....the shootout was the send off.
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