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1998-1999 Suburban towing capacity

Old 08-29-2002, 07:16 PM
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Chart you forgot the main point to the 1500 vs. the 2500...The 2500 has the 454 and the 1500 has the 350.

I currently have a 97 2500 sub w/ 11" lift on 42's with 456 gears. I have 12 12" subs in the back that prob weigh at least 300 pounds. I pull the Baja no prob. but I'm moving up soon to a cig....My question is what is the total "towing wieght" of the 2500 subs?? Is it only 7g's? So what do you pull 12k with???

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Dude; spring for the 3/4 ton. Transmission is where the major difference is. 4L60 vs. 4L80, at least in the late 90's. Call a tranny shop and tell them what you are planning to pull. If ya go 1/2 ton you will be seeing them soon. Brakes, yeah the trailer should handle itself. What about if they malfunction or overheat? Your front end will look much better if you were driving the 3/4-ton. I tow 5600 with a Tahoe and it does ok but the 3/4 ton is where its at. If you insist on the Tahoe get the air bags and upgrade the tires to ones that carry 50 psi or better. JC whitney sells replacement rotors that are cross drilled and stay cooler.
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Pulling a 29 SCARAB with a 2001 1/2ton Yukon XL, the truck sagged a little when the boat was hooked up, took care of that by adding airbags for the rear suspension, truck has 10x22" rims that helps the gearing...65mph up hill 2nd gear- keepin with the diesels
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I've got a 99 2500 with the 350 vortec in it and I have no problems pulling a 28' twin scarab on a triple axle trailer. There is this HUGE hill on the way to my lake place from the ramp and it drags the boat right up no prob.
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I installed an Air-Lift ride system with automatic air pump mounted on to the frame with a control gauge and relief valve at the dash. Very simple and works well for towing 12,000 lb with a heavy tougue. Makes all ride level
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I have a 99 Sub. I occasionally pull my 26' Scarab with it. Usually pull with my 2000 1/2 Truck. The boat weighs 4800 dry. I figure I'm around 6500 with trailer, gas, and gear. I tow in D unless I'm at Freeway speeds. The tongue weight is fine with the trailer set up correctly. I have noticed that acceleration is not as good as the truck because of the motor difference. Braking is better with the truck also due to the 4 wheel discs. The Sub actually makes me a little nervouse. Probably because I'm used to the truck brakes. All in all the Sub is fine. Just seems to work a little harder then the truck. Stability is real good though.

I wouldn't hesitate to pull with the Sub full time if I had to in my situation.

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Default Re: 1998-1999 Suburban towing capacity

Originally posted by Secret F233
Hey Guys were looking at 1998-1999 Suburban I've been told that I have to get a 2500 w 454 to pull my 6000lbs B&T otherwise it will sag in the rear when I get her loaded up with luggage & gas??? I know some of ya guys must have one so what's up can I get a 1500 & or a Yukon/Tahoe to pull this ok?

In short who is pulling over 6k with a GM Suburban,Tahoe,Yukon.

thank you,

P.S. giving up on the 2500 vandura, she blew a head gasket
I had a 99 suburban 1500 with just the 350 and it towed the 6000# B&T just fine.
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We have a 1995 Suburban we have a 350 and tow our 26ZX all over the place just came back from Canada to NJ no problems pulling 7000lbs at 70 mph
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I have a 99 3/4 ton Suburban 4 X 4 with a 454 pulling a 28' Checkmate. Its the best way to go. The truck hardly knows its back there. It seems to use about the same amount of gas with or without the boat, and yes it loves gas.
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I pull my 31 Sonic with my Wifes 1999 weigh's 7700 plus a steel trailer total its got to be 10,000. I dont pull it every week but make a couple trips up north every summer....I added air shock's and E-load tires it does a good job,I'll never tell anyone that a 2500 would'nt be better but the wife drives it to work every day and the Tahoe is great for that!!!
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