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Fatal accident at LOTO Sat.

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Ok, I gotta chime in here....I have driven boats of every size on this lake, and PWC's of every brand as well, and greatly enjoy both. I too have been absolutely amazed at the stupidity displayed by those on PWC's and boats as well...and, I've seen incredibly smart things as well, the above 12 year old is a good example of someone who has obviously been taught how to and how not to ride...and as Lutz has said, education is the key..period. You gotta learn to drive a car, you damn well should have to learn to drive both boats and PWC's.

Also as mentioned earlier, anyone with Dad's credit card can rent all the PWC they could never handle.. "Oh, hell, you look 16 and responsible, here you go...if something is in front of you...turn" We residents see it every day...had a guy tagged by a 38 footer out in front of the marina last weekend..he lived, but hurt like hell. No one wants to explain the lack of off throttle steering, the extreme turning ability, the need to look up and pay attention, as witnesses say the two girls were not doing.

As a guy whose lived at the lake for a long time, I get sick of reading stories like this..they happen weekly, and almost every time we hear of an accident, it usually involved a PWC or two.
I have two nephews who just started riding Sea Doo's, they love them, and I love riding with can believe I have had long talks with them about safety, handling, watching for other boats and watercraft..paying attention, etc. I've made them read some accounts of accidents which are pretty icky, but make an impact. Not trying to blow my horn, I just think if more people would make an effort, and as Lutz says, show way more respect for other watercraft, we'd have a lot fewer stories like what happened to these girls..

Got kinda wordy, but, this is one topic that I jump up on my soapbox on...these accidents plain and simple do not have to happen, and shouldn't happen. Period.


P.S. In the above ranting, the author is not blasting anyone or any industry, just making some points.

Oh, and I was at Tantara Sunday night for Fireworks..great show, perfect evening soon as the grand finale' was over????? Off to the races..we were in a 33' boat, and decided to idle was easier that way. Could not believe how fast and reckless many boaters were going.

Ok, I'll stop now.....

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Default Well stated

Well Stated oh wordy one. I too was on a roll, I told Amy I had to stop or all my thoughts would have poured out. I could do a quite lengthy post regarding the No Wake bouys and lack of control on their placement and enforcement.

But I wont.

Who are the legislators for the loto counties? We need to get their ear and preach our message of education and safety in boating on ALL waterways.

Get the puritans away from thinking that the only thing they have to worry about at loto is party cove, its a one mile secluded area of an over 100 mile long lake.

The education and safety issue at Loto is something that I think the Marine Dealers association could champion and show that they are not only concerned about selling boats but about promoting safe responsible boating. There are a few dealers who sell the majority of the pwc's, I feel it would be a good faith effort on their part to promote education and safety as well, What do you think?

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Old 09-05-2002, 11:20 AM
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I was witness to a similar situation at our fireworks show this past weekend. The police turned the downriver boaters oose at the same time as the police turned the upriver boaters loose. They had a section of the river closed for the fireworks. I witnessed this from a seventh floor viewpoint 75 feet above the water, and you wouldn't have believed it. These people were absolute idiots throttling for the local launch ramp. I saw a jetboat go between two boats running 25 feet apart going upriver and the jetboat going downriver, at all about 40-50 mph. The worst thing fortunately that happened was a small houseboat got blown up on the shore. Police boats and fire boats surrounded it and we could not see what all happened, although nothing was reported in the paper about injuries. What I saw would rival the largest poker run start in history, at night. Not to mention I am sure there were many of the boats being driven by people over the legal alcohol limit. I really can't believe people are this careless and never give it another thought.
As far as the wreck with the two girls, God Bless their families, you just hate to hear such a senseless accident that started with innocent fun. I ride a 70 mph jet ski and respect it for its danger, I also drive a 100+ mph cat boat. Bottom line is there needs to be education for all regarding safety, including boats. Certainly I have an advantage, because I have been stared in the face while driving my boat with the jetskier looking like a deer in the headlights. I think the bottom line is respect, for the boats, the jetskis danger, and certainly someone else's life. Sometimes it does make you mad when these people cut in front of you, but never lose sight of the fact that could be your kid, your mom, your wife, your dad , your brother or sister, and you would pray that others reapect that. By this I certainly I am not implying blame on either side regarding the LOTO accident, merely offering the opportunity to those reading this to think long and hard about how dangerous life in general really is, and how quickly loved ones can be taking unnecesarily. Again my condolences to all parties involved and God Bless.
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Very sad to here about this death, but unfortunatly it was not the only one that took place this past weekend. Up by Chillicathe Il. a jet ski was hit by a 42 Fountain after the jet ski shot out right in front of the boat from what I've heard. The owner of the ski had just bought it on Thursday and took two friends with him that are still in the hospital. Hopefully they will be ok and pull through.

I hope it does not come down to a lic. but if it does it should be it's own lic. not attached to my drivers lic. I do agree with someone who stated that they owned a bike and had a better idea of what to look for, I owned bikes for years and you do pay more attension.

Good luck to everyone for the rest of the year.
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Default ttt

I think this is a cause that needs to be addressed. Im just not sure what the proper channels or protocol might be for getting the ear of legislators. Not only in Missouri for LOTO and other waterways. Im certain other navigable (sp?) waterways are in just as much disaray.
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Default Re: ttt

Originally posted by LutzParty
I think this is a cause that needs to be addressed. Im just not sure what the proper channels or protocol might be for getting the ear of legislators. Not only in Missouri for LOTO and other waterways. Im certain other navigable (sp?) waterways are in just as much disaray.
Lutz, I agree that something needs to be done, however, I'm not sure that new laws are the answer. Stepping up enforcement might be a better way to go.

By that I mean, instead of Johnny Law pulling over the guy with pipes that are 3 db too loud, maybe they should be stopping jetski's that are cutting between boats, or ticketing the big cruiser throwing a monster wake through a raft of anchored boats, or going after the Bubbas that are fishing in the middle of a busy channel. Or nailing the fool hammering down the lake in his offshore at night. I'm sure you can insert a few other situations that need proper attention.

The way I see it, there are not enough water cops, and the ones that are out there are not properly trained. Looking at the LOTO accident page, it seems like 8 out of 10 accidents involve PWCs - so start cracking down on the jetskis! Pull them over, give warnings, warn the parents, then hand out tickets if necessary. Post an officer or two right outside the rental offices. Get the CG Aux to volunteer to give a 15 minute "rules of the road" talk at the rental places (complete with pictures from accidents like the one descibed here). I'm betting most 'skis are rented first thing in the morning or right after lunch; the rental places should see that this is in their best interest (wait till someone sues them for not properly instructing the next person who gets killed - only a matter of time).

Will that prevent all the accidents? Of course not, but I'm betting that would have the most impact. Just tossing some thoughts out - never been to LOTO, but it's probably no different than Lake St. Clair.

As always, YMMV...
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