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Income and boat payments.........(long)

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Well I pretty much agree with every thing that has already been said. I am 20, single, living at home and everything that I own is paid for because I work my a$$ off for it, I am not patting myself on the back,nor trying to brag but I get kind of tierd of everybody saying (its his daddys boat) and ( must be nice)
Let the truth be known my salary is nothing compared to most peoples I have worked hard and saved all I could ever since I was old enough to know what work was. It really kind of floors me when the guy comes up to me at the dock and says the usual: thats nice, how fast, how much, is it yours?,what do you do?, no really is it yours? then procedes to call me a liar AND THEN..(can I have a ride?)

two words....f#&% #*u!!
The bottom line is that I love my boat, I love what I do on my boat
and I dont have to justify it to anybody!!! I belive that when it comes to something that you love who cares how much it costs as long as you are not going hungry and your roof dont leak, I dont give a damn what people think about us go fasters,who cares! they dont understand, they dont see the thrill and exitement and the fun that we have on our boats, all they see is dollar signs I have yet to hear a guy ask me (is it fun, do you love it?) All I ever get asked is how much?, How much?
I guess I neede a shirt that says "Its a boating thing ya wouldnt understand ya arrogant prick"

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All I can say is .... How much of yourself are you willing to invest (invest??? wrong choice of words???) !! in getting what you want.....
I started with a 16 ft Carlson, sold it and bought a Fish & Ski 20 ft.....sold it and bought a 252 SS Formula.....after 2 years upgraded engine to full roller & PC blower... 2 years after that bought the 97 312 Formula..... sold the old boat & spare engine for no loss over 5 years.... all this and also built ( my wife & I personally/ with our own sweat and tears, built & paid as we went, a 2100 ft lake house and 1500 ft garage/shop/ etc, all of which was class "A" quality. Took the old Formula money, bought a bigger lift & paid off other stuff and a significant down on the new boat.....Used the lake house for a tax deductible boat loan!! 6% .... It pays to be creative when buying boats or other toys!!
You can do many things if you can invest "sweat equity !! " with only a moderate amount of money... some guys at work say I'm rich, but I'm not,..... I just don't go home a flop down in front of the TV !!
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Is a 70% DTI Bad?

I have not met to many women boating on there own, though I do have several friends doing it. Maybe you single boating ladies could find a nice boating guy like me and sell your boats, then I could buy the Vette I have been eyeing, and we share the two. I also come equipped with house and pets. We will have the former Mrs. Midnight in a Ryder truck here shortly. Let me know what you think. Midnight
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Here's another interesting view. Everyone where I work is crying about their 401Ks. My Formula hasn't lost near as much. I've restored some old cars and made money 2 57 Chevys (1 2dr ht , 1 convert.) 64 chevelle SS conv. 4sp 300hp 327 , 63 impala SS conv. 67 Chevelle L79 4sp w/ air , 69 Chevy Shortbed PU with 1998 stepside bed (looks factory) dual quad 496 700r4 tubbed lowered 18.50-33 rear tires w/air and 75 Corvette convert. Still got the last three and a paid for Formula and house. So I feel I am better off than a lot of people who have scrimped and save and done without over many years preparing for retirement. I could sell my toys and still be better off than they are at this point and I'm having a hell of a good time doing it . Besides how many people don't make it to retirement or die a year or two later?AND I've never seen a Brinks truck following a hease....You can't take it with you
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Here's an angle........
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