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Lake Cumberland Poker Run

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Just a little additional input on the cost of putting on a poker run.
Someone needs to think about the cost of food + 15% gratuity + tax (on the water), T-shirts, insurance (try calling your local insurance agent and tell him what you want insurance for "and how fast do some of these boats go?), advertising, printing, etc. Then add it up again. All that money evaporates pretty quickly.

Just my .02
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Very true, that is a great point. I helped a friend put on an event that brought almost 200 boats for a drag race and top end run. No money was awarded, it was all for the Make-A-Wish foundation. We had sponsors that covered almost all of those expenses. T-shirts, etc.... All profits went to charity, so maybe that is where the expense is coming in, but I do know this poker run had sponsors, what they paid to be a sponsor I don't know. I don't care either, I like many others, chose not to run in it do to the extreme expense.

After helping organize the racing event earlier this year, I may consider looking into putting on a charity poker run that us po-boyz can run in.

I'm not going to post anymore *****ing about the cost, I think the only thing to do at this point is to organize our own run, or shut up and watch next year's from the sideline.
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Ya gonna miss both? The Cincy to Louisville run is gonna be a blast.
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Old 09-11-2002, 08:42 AM
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Dano...Me & Mack 312 will be at Erie {last trip of the year }
over the 20th.......Dont know about the Louisville run though..
I'll try & catch up with you guys this weekend & find out more
Been spending Sundays at the damn the last few weeks....
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i'm not sure how all the Poker runs are organized, but I talked to a friend who went to Texoma and the payout for 3rd place was $10,000! Now that's some serious cash.!!!! The entry fee is $500 or something like that, and I'm not sure if they feed them or not. Hey...I would pass on the food and buy my own for a payout like that. They had around 200 boats too.

I must say that one of the organizers of the Cumberland Poker run (Roger Schnabel to be exact) is extremely nice... We were unable to attend, and had already paid our money. They were kind enough to refund our money, and that says alot for their integrity. You have to appreciate someone like that.

Just my .02

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Default Re: Idea

Originally posted by Flyinbrian
Maybe us "frugal" types need to organize a "Po-Boyz" poker run. Say....$25, $35, $50 entry fee for boat, loaded with however many want to go. That is, unless you do the tee-shirt thing, where you will need to charge per person. Or you could give one shirt per boat and sell the shirts seperately too.

Just some ideas.

Of course you're not going to see Drambuie on Ice or any of these heavy hitters. At least, not on the first run.
forthe shirts, me and a buddy are buying a teeshirt press soon so, how many on avg shirts do people need for poker runs??
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Default Lake Cumberland

To Brian, You better have a Permit form the
U. S. Corp of Eng. to do the you must have
insurance, to to that you must have permission
and permit from water patrol. Now the ball starts
rolling, are you going to have food, Video, T-shirts
(not the kind that fall apart after one wash), what
what do you think the things that fly in the air with
a guy holding a camera cost? This list is more than
you want to hear and so are then cost. It is very
clear you have no idea what you are talking about
as we once experienced, we started our event with
30 boats and - $20,000 dollars( in the hole).
We have come a long way in six years but it has
not been easy.

By the way we do donate to Lake Cumberland clean up,
water patrol and others.
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I for one enjoy the Lake Cumberland Poker Run. It is a very long run on a beautiful lake. I cannot imagine how difficult it was to get permission from the Army Corps of Engineers let alone the marina owners, to put this thing together. And don't use the gas argument for the marina owners. We were at Conley Bottom and we did not see anyone stop for gas.

I was sick that I could not participate. We will definitely be there next year. And we will also participate in the Kentucky Lake run. I also wish they would reinstate the Dale Hollow run.

By the way what is the cost of the "smoke on the water" or the "Pier 33" run's that donate big bucks to charities? Check it out before you give these guy's too bad of a time.
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Default Bussell

I think I'm going to get a sponcer for next year. What happened to the Dale Hollow run and is there a chance of it coming back ?
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I think the guys who put the Poker Run together do a great job. Think of the money they shell out to everyone. It has to be expensive to put on a Poker Run. We have 3 couples in our boat so we split the cost of the entry and fuel and slip fee in 3 and really does not cost alot. You can sleep on the boat or rent a cabin that holds 8 people and split that and the cost is down. We have a great time and will continue to return. Been there since it started and will continue every year. Billy and Roger, you guys do a great job!!

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