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HORBA is celebrating our 10th Anniveresary > HORBA is celebrating our 10th Anniveresary
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HORBA is celebrating our 10th Anniveresary


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Originally Posted by Top Banana View Post
Still not feeling comfortable with this web stuff, hell still miss my cell phone that had a dial on it.
I miss my 1st cel phone in an attache case. It was cool.
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Sadly, still not warm enough to wear my 5 year old HORBA T-Shirt in England – Early June! Brrr
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Charlie i just put that dudes name on the LIST... He wont be pizzing and moaning much longer...
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Originally Posted by Top Banana View Post

1. Well come on now, we even have some photos in full color, not just black and white anymore.

2. Since you have a historic race boat that you are entering in the Around Long Island Race in August, we will tell the photographer to take lot's of photos. Now the question is.....Where do we post it on the site? Maybe you can guide us in that area.

At least that will give us some new news to talk about for the next five years. Still not feeling comfortable with this web stuff, hell still miss my cell phone that had a dial on it.

But thanks for all your kind words and generous support to HORBA for the past ten years, not sure where we would be without boaters like you.
I’m not trying to kick your door down and then expect you all to invite me to dinner just because I’m inside.
A little background. When I found Brownie’s 1967 race boat in the back of a boat yard one of the many incentives of the restoration was it was going to be recognized on Mikes site as a true historical offshore raceboat. To me at the very least meant the boat got authentication from a respected source. An exclusive club so to speak. I will never be 200 miles off shore in the 1967 Bahama’s 500 but my boat has and here’s it is on HORBA. I’ve owned classics before and still do but nothing like this. And even though the 24 didn’t win a championship or was a household name it is a significant part of history for being the first (#1 hull) of a long line of Nova’s alone. Seeing films of it racing O’Dell and Don back in the day is just icing on the cake. In that spirit I restored the boat as close as I could to original as impractical as it is for a family of 4 with it only having 3 seats, except for the Ford side oilers. I just can’t do them for so many reasons but I did make it so if a pair just happen to show up in the driveway they would drop in with little effort. Any part that was original was restored and what had to be made was done so in the same manner that the boat was built in. All I could do. They had better tools 50 years ago than I do today. I’m not a rich guy. Hell I don’t even have a garage big enough to get a row boat in let alone the 24. Everything was done outside when the weather and the budget would allow. It has won an ACBS Best Race Boat award and is about 100% (testing begins again with new motors in the next couple weeks). This backyarder with a shoestring budget and help from very few restored a real H.O.R.B. I’m just trying to get it the prop’s it and Brownie deserves. I don’t even care if you leave me out of it.

I would love to race around Long Island with you all and maybe one year soon we will be able to. At least that’s the goal for all the sacrifices of not doing things like that over the last few years. Like the last two to build 2 vintage Kiekhaefer 482’s (which are really 496’s now) for it to replace the “show motors” 454’s that were in it just to get it around. In my would you drop 8 grand building a motor (I do it all myself except for the machine work) over a winter and a big trip to go racing the next summer is not in the cards unless I want to sleep in the boat when I get home. That kind of stuff kind of wipes out my fun budget but I would rather have the parts then the trip at the moment. Our time will come.

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