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OT: Thanks Canada..........

Old 09-16-2002, 04:42 PM
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Years ago, there were three men; one from British Columbia, one from Ontario, and one from Quebec. As they walked they found a genie bottle. After rubbing it the genie appeared and granted each one wish.
The guy from B.C. wished for salmon filled streams and beautiful mountains. poof it was granted.
The guy from quebec wished for a big, tall wall all the way around his beloved quebec, to retain his french heritage. and poof, it was done.
Lastly, the genie asked the fellow from ontario what he would like to wish for. The answer was kwik, crisp, and clear----FILL THE INSIDE OF THAT WALL WITH WATER!!!

If only this was not a fictional story, we wouldn't have to deal with all these shmucks they call politicions---(most are french you see)

Chretian is an ASSSS! I personnally can't stand the fact that he got in, and is still there!!! Thank god he has announced that he is leaving---not soon enough.

Maybe I feel like this because My blood is american, but anyone with half a backbone can see that Canada has none, or better yet has degenerative arthritis, that is slowly chewing away at the entire country.

To all my neighbors to the south, I know it's hard not to lump all canadians together when the 'leader' says idiotic things like he has, but there are alot of us that are totally behind you. I have pledged my alegence to the American flag, and believe in it.

I don't feel that the US should have to clear there intetions with anyone, they did that is nice of them. But do you really think that anyone is going to condemn them for finishing the job that they started in the gulf war. The UN doesn't seem to mind that saddam is not following the rules laid out by them, but they're going to be mad at the states????
Like my dad always said "SHOOT THE BASTARDS"
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Pity the poor Canadians: They should have French cuisine,
British tradition, and United States technology. Instead they have French technology, British cuisine, and United States tradition.

BTW: When Iran took the hostages, the Cadianan Embasy sheltered several Americans, AND safely smuggled them out of the country with bogus Canadian passports at great risk to the Canadians. Canada: Thank you.
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