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gsxrmike 11-04-2015 09:54 AM

Going to Key West for the first time! Anything I should know/ do
For the Key West veterans, anything I should know, or any pointers/ things to see or do?



ICDEDPPL 11-04-2015 09:55 AM

Don`t $hit your pants.

gsxrmike 11-04-2015 10:06 AM

Originally Posted by ICDEDPPL (Post 4372550)
Don`t $hit your pants.

LOL I won't, but thanks for the advise... Also packing plenty of pedialyte!

chrisvr6 11-04-2015 10:20 AM

Yeah, my first time too. Can't wait! More stoked about the poker run than anything.

Pete B 11-04-2015 10:21 AM

buy the Veteran's a drink!

glassdave 11-04-2015 10:27 AM

Louie's Backyard for steak, Pepe's for breakfast (bloody mary and cream chip beef), Tree bar for all your drinking needs:D . . . . take your stunt liver . . .

FunHome 11-04-2015 10:33 AM

Rent a scooter... Its the only way to get around.
Get a pit pass... to get up close to the boats in the pits!
Rick's is AWESOME!!!
If you can, score a ride go to the raft up/island party!!!
Set your alarm to get up early to make it to the races!!! We missed a couple of the early races!! Down there you party until 4am....

Have FUN!! Wish I was going!!

chrisvr6 11-04-2015 10:49 AM

We've been trying to rent a boat. No luck. That raft up would be awesome.

VoodooRob 11-04-2015 11:00 AM

If your going to buy a team or event t-shirt, buy the first day you can, the good stuff sells out fast.

gsxrmike 11-04-2015 11:01 AM

How do you get a pit pass. I looked on but couldn't find anything

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