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Speed limits in tidal waters. This mean you NJ

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There are several ways to hit this
1) We start a petition going from every Power boater on NJ
Not only Performance boaters! There are cruisers that do 50
2) If push came to shove, What is wrong with the state speed limit of 55-65 mph
3) I have nothing against training for boating, But we can see how that really helped wave runner? Right! they are still doing the same thing.
4) Bring up the death of those boaters that were hit by the Cruiser were in the Ocean (Not in The Bay!) the same with with the 3 brothers in the Skater that was the Ocean to. The man that was just killed in Lake Hopatcong was an Idiot. Late at night and was doing well over 80 in a bass boat. I saw the boat or what was left to it! a motor and a bunch of foam and glass. The other guy that was killed in his 24 Pantera wasn't going fast. He thought his boat was a jet ski, wave hopping and spinning, He got tossed out and then hit because he wasn't wearing a lanyard.

5) We as a group have to be heard! This is an Outrage and a big Kick in the ASS to all of us that owns Powerboats.

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Here in Michigan, all inland lakes (not lake Michigan) and rivers have a 55 mph speed limit unless posted otherwise (always less than 55, never more). Some have time wake from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 a.m. and things like that. And Lake Michigan DOES have a speed limit. If you are within 1 mile of shore the speed limit is 55 mph. I've never seen it enforced, and don't think they ever could. As was stated above, radar doesn't work real well on the water (fiberglass doesn't give a good signal) and determining if you were within one mile could be really hard.

I do know that the 26 American Offshore that Tinkerboater and I got a ride in at Hardy Dam a few weeks ago got a speeding ticket for going 102 the next day!!! And knowing Fred, I'm sure he is REALLY pissed and hot under the collar!!!!
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Default These are the comments we like to hear

Voice your opinions in our magazine by visiting our web site and clicking on "Feedback Forms". You just might get it published.

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I had a long talk with Dave P last night and he is going to take the lead on this. I'll help with the PR to the industry. The first step will be to collect some money from each boater. Probably about the cost of 1/2 a tank of gas each sounds about right.

Next hire a lawyer to be the spokes person.

I agree, that you could live with 60mph.

I also think an agrument would be that it would not be good for the economy. It could backfire financially just like the luxury tax did. Who got screwed? The little guy in the boat factory working for 25k a year. Think of how much less gas would be pumped.

I am also in favor of mandating a boat liscense where the state could actually benifit financially.
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What the hell does a 60' Viking running down a little boat have to do with speed limits I guess the Viking was doing 60 or 70???. I don't think so This could turn into another seatbelt law. You know it's "you should wear seatbelts" then "we'll only ticket you if we stop you for something else" now it's"buckle up or pay up". They just keep tightening the screws. Next the speed will be Friday through Monday... next , all the time Why oh why do these people insist on protecting us from ourselves
Just for the hell of it I tried doing a steady 30 MPH. HA! tabs all the way down to stay on plane and drives tucked in. I was turning 28/2900 rpm . Another 3 or 400 and trim it out and bring up the tabs , and I'm doing 43/44 mph. So much for trying to save some gas
We should start something NOW before any laws are passed. Mainly because , when was the last time you saw a law repealed. This would be admitting they were wrong and that's one thing a politician will never do. They will simply blame it on someone else and we still get it stuck up our a$$e$. Ya know
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Originally posted by Steve 1
What is happening with high performance boating in Australia?
Hey Steve 1, not a huge amount on the west coast yet, getting there slowly but !!!,

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There are some good ideas expressed here, BUT, the clock is ticking and I'm afraid it's not in your guy's favor. You need to get organized, hire a law firm/lawyer and start writing/e-mailing/phone calling your state reps. Is there any major political races happening there in NJ this Nov.? If yes, get involved, and find out where these politicians stand on this issue!
What are the Hi-Performance Marinas/shops saying about this? Are they even aware of this issue? If not, get them up to speed ASAP! Look at these websites to see how we approach waterway restrictions here in Fl.

This effort won't be cheap, so you need to prepare to"Step up" with $$! Starting a Non-Profit "NJ Boaters Rights" group will make this less costly, and add credibility to your cause.

Please don't think that even if it does pass, they can't enforce it, BECAUSE, along with the new laws, will come INCREASED $$ for the additional law enforcement that it will take to enforce these new restrictions! Classic case of "Bigger Gov't is a better Gov't" in the eyes of the legislators! The legislators will look "Good" in the eyes of the un-informed general public as they "Try to rein in these BAD Hi-speed boaters"! Remember, we are the minority on the water!

Good luck,
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I just can't believe this ...... My prayers go out to all involved...

Crash on Toms River kills personal watercraft driver

Published in the Asbury Park Press 9/23/02
PINE BEACH -- A personal watercraft driver died yesterday when his watercraft collided with a 20-foot boat, police said.

The personal watercraft driver was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident, said Point Pleasant Marine Trooper Tim Werder.

Police would not release the victim's identity, age and hometown yesterday because his next of kin had not been notified. The accident happened around 2:40 p.m. on the Toms River.

The driver of the 20-foot boat, whose name, age and hometown also were not released, was taken to Community Medical Center in Toms River with minor injuries, Werder said.

Police are still investigating how the collision happened, Werder said, adding there was one witness who did not see the entire accident.

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