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You will NOT believe what happened to my neighbor!

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The moral of the story is....If you want to enjoy the ride and get blown get a supercharger. It will suck all of the money out of your wallet, drain you dry, and disolve engine components. But, as long as you keep ol' one eye willie away from the intake, you won't have to squat to pee. Although there may be a puddle in your seat by the time you shut the thing down.
Shut up.........I'm trying to think about somebody else.
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Gee my wife just came back form a girls only sex party, she bought me some BLOWJOB vouchers . you get one every time you do some work around the house I think I'm going boating this weekend
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I guess if you REALlY want to hi stakes gamble, go to A.C.!
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That just mde me dry heave. I can't stand that stuff!
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sounds like ole burt got a little lucky at the tables,picked up a $9 hooker and got half cocked ,ended up giving her a big tip and she left him holding the short end of the stick

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Any news on Burt's wounded weiny?
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She was tired of being the girlfriend and wanted to get a-head, doooo, stupid stupid girlfriends

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Nope no new news on the wounded weiny. My parents are away in Switzerland so I won't know anything till they get back.
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heard another story I think it was in this forum!
This Guy and Girl wind up in the Hospital emergency room, her with a table cloth around her head and Him bloody from the waist down!

The Story goes as follows
They were having Dinner in a Restaurant when she slipped under the table to give him a “Gift” But timing was very Bad and Her having epilepsy She had a Seizure and clamped down ,Him now Blinded by the pain started Stabbing her in the head with a Fork! To make her stop.
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