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OHIO OSOer's! Central Ohio fall shootout.

Old 10-18-2002, 04:54 PM
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Im going tomorow if I get my engine finished and it checks out. Ill have one for you guys.
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Tom, are you going to be around next weekend for the Halloween party?
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My quote about PIB is that "I will never let my future wife or girlfriend go there without me" Hadley, you are correct, that place is craziness.........ahhhhhh, spring is near.....
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Old 10-18-2002, 05:26 PM
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Originally posted by Allan4

By the way, any other under 80 vee's gonna be around???? It would be nice to have someone to race....... Out.
Im under 50

I just got back from the marina, they're already putting up the lights for the christmas drive through!!!

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if i nail a board to the bow of my boat maybe they let me dock front row at casino, 30' no problem.

and pib is deffinetly crazier, but if you bring your girl your better off at kelly's hmmm tough choice.
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Old 10-18-2002, 06:35 PM
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Sounds like a fun weekend planned. To much of a haul for me though. Who is bringing the radar gun so we can get some real speed reports? I look forward to the outcome!! Be safe!!
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Old 10-18-2002, 06:39 PM
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Originally posted by THRILLSEEKER
One other thing to consider is a lot of theese boats may be able to see speeds over 100 but how many of them can go over 60 in any kind of rough water Lets all go up to lake erie and see just who is the 1st one to the island I bet anything that its not a short cat You can call our heavy V hulls sleds if you want but they have their purpose and they can run their speeds in almost any conditions that you throw at them

There! I did my part to stir up some chit

No disrespect inteded towards anyone by this post!
I've heard this challenge from Twin O/B Sonic before. I like this one too.
Would you consider a 24 Skater one of the smaller cats? I would. I would say you would get some takers on that kind of run. Say, a 24-26 foot vee bottom I/O vs. a twin O/B 24 foot cat? That could be a good run. Lake Erie is so unpredictable, you could have 1 footers the ride out and the cat smokes the vee to the island. Next thing you know, it's time to head back and you have 5-6 footers of absolute narrow slop to deal with. Guess what? The vee bottom driver is smiling ear to ear watching the cat disappear behind him.
We should do this next spring, for ****s and giggles, and maybe wager some drinks on it too!
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Twin O/B Sonic - At least one of the Eliminators from the muddy Muskingum will be there, maybe two if I can fix and test on Saturday, after the rain. Don't know if the 3rd will be there or not, I heard he just took his motors apart for the season.

Thanks for the shallow water report.
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Old 10-18-2002, 06:43 PM
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You got it all wrong. The cat will stay Sunday night and call in sick Monday. I think the cat wins in that case.

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Thumbs up rbtnt and Brian

RBTNT, I was hopin to see you guys there!
I love tellin the story of when I was there and Kevin was mouthin off to everybody about how fast my 80 MPH Sonic was!!
God was smilin on me that day though cause all I had to do was beat the "Mas Tequila" Baja (I did) and the Power Quest (I did) to be fast man on the river since both of the Eliminators werer broke at the time
I told Kevin all week before I went out there, "keep your freakin mouth shut". Course if you know Kevin

Brian, I was going to reply to this earlier but I was waitin on you.
I'm in!
I don't think Kellies or PIB is far enough though
Also, you have to sleep, **** and eat on your boat
Would be a hoot though!
Would depend on wind as much as water though. (can I pick the day??)
I know in smooth water, Brian's 24' Skater is 5 to 10 MPH's faster than my Vee Bottom (course I did spank him at the Rumble ), and in 2' or bellow (real 2' waves, Lake Erie 2' waves) he would run away and hide from me.
I would think about 3' or above, and or a real strong head wind and the tables would turn.
One of the scary things about Erie is that you'll set the boat for existing condions and be running perfect for 5 miles or so and about the time you take your eye off the water for one second, you hit a roguue wave!
Have done that a couple times.
My Sonic is about as much fun in about 3' slop in a quartering sea as it is in anything!
I think in that, if there was'nt much wind to worry about, I'd get spanked by the cat there too?? (That would be a fun race though!!)
I have run 75 GPS for many miles in that several times.
It takes some work to get the boat set for it though.
OK, how about this.
Launch from the public dock in Sandusky Bay by the coal docks, run to Kellies or PIB (about 5 miles) for the night.
Then the next day run to the beach at Pelee, have a cook out on the beach then race back to the ramp (about 35 miles) from there.
The one with least amount of total running time wins ??
Any takers
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