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1,050 hp on 91 octane!! Unblown!

Old 10-09-2002, 12:57 PM
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Default 1,050 hp on 91 octane!! Unblown!

I just picked up the Magazine "Engines" It's a HotRod special that was on the newstand in the mini-mart where I get my morning tea!!

Anyway, It says that they got "1050hp out of a 565ci motor with No Nitrous, no blower, no turbo - Plus it's a single four-barrel!!"

It goes on to say it was built by Dave Ebbert at DNE Motorsports Development. "The whole thing started when Marty Strech of Fountain Valley, Calf. called Dave and said he wanted 1,000hp for his 21-foot Eliminator Daytona Jet Boat, so he you run in some sanctioned drag races he wanted to run 91 octane, he also wanted enough inherent strength to be able to fog an extra 400hp nitrous hit."

Also is says "If you're the bucks-up kind of guy with about 30 grand in disposable income, consider this story a how-to!!

Over 1000hp and almost 900lbft of torque for 30 grand sounds like a deal compaired to some other boat engine builders!! Plus it's naturally aspirated!!

What's everyone's opinion??
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That is pretty impressive, and so is the price.
I think the NHRA pro stock guys are making 1300 out of 500ci with a single 4 barrel and that's at 9800rpm's. using C-18 for gas and they probably have 30k in just the cylinder heads !
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That is impressive, but a little hard to believe. How hard are they spinning the engine? I wonder on long it will last. I am going to have to find a copy of that magazine.

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Hey !!!

I spoke to this guy Marty ... He's at Cassidy's in Newport Beach behind the bar !!!! Nice guy and he'll always talk to you about it.....

Rick 32
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Old 10-09-2002, 01:33 PM
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There was some "heated" threads on the jet boat boards awhile back.

The speculation is 11-1 compression, and the coolness of the engine keeps the detonation in check.

A couple quotes:

Originally posted by kojac
I talked to Dave at DNE prior to the article in hot rod magazine regarding the the 565 cubic inch motor.
He stated to me that the motor ran on 91 octane. He built the motor for a boat customer that wanted to upgrade his 850+ horsepower motor so he would not have to use the bottle.

The customer wanted to go racing and be able to use the jetboat to pull skiers and cruise the waters without typical raceboat problems and maintanance.
He said that the motor was above 10-1 compression and the cam was above 800lift but he compensated for the cams high lift with good valvesprings. Not bought at comp cams or crane.
He declined to give specific information due to keeping his combinations a secret as long as possible. {understandable}.
You can talk to him at length. He seemed proud of his accomplishment.
He said the pump work was performed at the shop next door. I forget the name.
He believed the impellar was a "b" and he spun the motor 6400 rpms.{It don"t equate with with a 1050horsepower motor that Pulls up to 6600rpms to me but it seems possible if the pump and intake were really loaded. I'M Not a pump guru}.
Any way The proof is in the pudding. The boat purportedly runs 110 in the quarter without the bottle. Of course he still has the bottle, enough is never enough.
I congratulate him on his accomplishment. It is the motor we all wish we could have.
Originally posted by bp
i was at the westech peformance group shop the day marty's engine was dynoed. i watched, as did steve magnante, as steve brule poured the 91 octane into the tank that fueled the engine for all the pulls. when steve ran the engine on the dyno, i was standing behind marty, and about 5' away from dave. there were numerous pulls made that day.
the bottom line was that this engine made over 1000hp when it was above 6000rpm. every time. all the time. there were no nos lines connected to the engine that day - if you look at the pics in the article, you'll see that. they were not connected because they weren't used at the dyno. this was solely a naturally aspirated, pump gas test.
the bottom line in all this is that the morgan poster is not defaming DNE. Dave had nothing to do with the dyno, other than place the engine there. the morgan poster is claiming fraud and deceipt on the part of the westech performance group, which is ludicrous. steve and john dyno engines every day, for hotrod, carcraft, and numerous other mags. they have no benefit in messing around with the dyno just for one article. stupid. it's amazing to think that someone representing reher morrison would go out on an internet message board and claim that westech is lying, and cheating. just amazing
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Old 10-09-2002, 02:59 PM
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Valvetrain will be the weak link in that combo as impressive as it is. Roller lifters won't live in a marine environment at .800"+ lift. Well, maybe 5 hrs. The cam also must have huge duration to bleed down cylinder pressure's to live @11:1 on only 91 Octane. Living on the dyno for 5 second pulls is a far cry from running WOT for 3 minutes.
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Old 10-09-2002, 03:08 PM
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I think the NHRA pro stock guys are making 1300 out of 500ci with a single 4 barrel and that's at 9800rpm's. using C-18 for gas and they probably have 30k in just the cylinder heads !
That's exactly right. 1320 + hp. peak tq=6500 rpm, peak hp=9500 rpm.
Leave the line at peak tq, shift at peak hp.
Only problem is, after 40 runs (40x7seconds= 280 seconds or 4 minutes and 40 seconds), you will need to overhaul the motor.
I don't see this being real practical in a boat.
Plus, torque at a low rpm was what i thought boats needed. You wouldn't get a boat to plane over with a Pro Stock motor until you hit 5000rpm!
It would sound great, though!!
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Pro stock guys also change springs AND lifters every 2 passes...
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I highly doubt those engines make that kind of power @ 5500rpm which is where MOST hi-perf boaters run their boats at WOT.
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Damnnnn......and I thought my 620hp/635ftlb 572 Tall Deck was special running on 89 oct. Wardey
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