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28' AT, 28' Pantera, 28' Apache, 30' Superboat, 27' Kryptonite, 30' Cig, 27' Activato

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Obviously Wayne can't read or never has seen a Superboat to base his opinion on....
Superboat uses all plywood
. The ones I have dealt with are made out of 90% Balsa Core and Davinacell (sp), maybe some other Superboat owners could enlighten me or Wayne.
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They will explain it to you ! because they dont use that stuff unless you pay extra for it and i still dont think you could get it , and you cant vacuum bagging .
Rtaylor , are you saying the apache is better quality than a progression , but slower, by the chart ?
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Yes, I am saying that an Apache is better quality, but slower, than a Progression by the chart. Again, the chart is not scientfic, since it's difficult to measure quality. But this chart is a perception of quality and speed. In other words, if you were to ask me to categorize all of the boats in the chart, this is how I would organize them. I'm sure everyone else's perceptions are a bit different, but I'd bet that I'm not too far off. Maybe a boat here or there is a bit faster or slower or better or lesser quality. For instance, I think that I should have made the Cigarette a bit faster on the scale.
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So you would say that a boat that is built out of marine plywood and uses cheaper resin and glass and is not vacuum bagged is BETTER than a boat that uses one of the best resins and glass , total vacuum bagged ,that uses the best balsa core and blatec panels available ? Is that what I am understanding ?
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Originally posted by rtaylor
|----Sonic-----Active Thunder-Phantom
1. Maybe this will help you understand the chart.
2. Baja quality up there w/ Pantera? Apache? Better than Cig?
Something don't seem right...
I tried to label & alter the chart... is this how you want it?

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How much is a Activator with a 500 hp??
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27 Activator with a 500 is $70,000

The horizontal axis should be called PERFORMANCE, not speed.

Cigarette and Apache do not belong on this list because they are twin engine boats.

Warlock and Velocity would be a better fit.
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What BJM said
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Default This is interesting...

Here we go again...

How much do you all know about boat construction? Where is the logic here? Do you understand how these boats are put together? Do you know what thru-bolted is? Fastedy, no, your boat is not thru-bolted and tabbed together. If it is, I challenge you to prove it to all of us and post a picture from the inside of the rubrail. Your boat is made from general resin and plywood. The rubrail is attached with stainless sheet metal screws. Again, I dare you to prove me wrong. You wonít, because you canít. You talk the talk, now walk the walk.

You are all saying that you would rather have construction-grade plywood in your hull than advanced composites? Incredible. Baltekís Decolite is stronger than plywood and half the weight. It wonít rot, and it has better shear strength. Foam core? Foam has NO shear strength at all.

You all really need to get past the name of the boat. Oh, if itís a Cigarette it MUST be good, right? Go to yacht survey periodicals and youíll find what they say about Cigarette and the integrity of their hulls.

Rtaylor, where do you get your rating scale from? Yeah, how many of you know about Panteraís hull failures in offshore racing? What about Velocity? How many of you know about the Plexas stringer-grid failures with Formula's boats? Oh, not Formula! I see their ads in Poker Runs of America, so they MUST be good! Maybe Bayliner and Carver should start marketing their boats the way Formula does - it might boost their reputation.

Do you people ever do research? I may sound arrogant, but I study this stuff. Itís clear to me that many of you donít.

Yes, Offshore Onlyís boat quality opinions are what matters, so go ahead and buy that Bayliner.. err, Apache.

Donít take my word for it, this information is everywhere. If you all want an education in boat construction, I will be glad to teach you. All I gotta say is, the boat manufacturers love people like youÖ People that buy on brand name alone.

Itís your money.

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Yeah, how many of you know about Panteraís hull failures in offshore racing?
Please tell us then.
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