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Matt Trulio 12-06-2018 12:15 PM

Whipple Seeing Brisk Verado 400R And 350 ECU ‘Reflash’ Business
Among owners of out-of-warranty Verado 400R and 350 outboard engines, Whipple’s Stage I and Stage II power upgrades are becoming increasingly popular.,

ktron 12-06-2018 02:52 PM

Great pic of my DW!

Matt Trulio 12-06-2018 11:30 PM

Originally Posted by ktron (Post 4662536)
Great pic of my DW!

We could have used a tight image of a Verado 400R or 350 outboard as "stock art" for the story but your cat was so much prettier. :)

Tborisch 12-07-2018 08:58 AM

I had my 400r reflashed by whipple and didn’t notice much improvement, anybody else?

bmedfo1 12-07-2018 10:29 AM

I had my 350s re flashed by Simon and was disappointing to see they added no boost. at least on the 350 you gain 1000RPM. I would like to see a tune with a dyno chart and a tune that lets less boost out the wastgate.

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